Top 5 places to bring your kids in Singapore

As Singaporeans are always looking for great places to bring your kids, these are a list of Top 5 Places to bring your kids. The best thing about these places is that they are FREE of charge, and they offer the kids a different experience , from walking the shops at Takashimaya. Best of all, they are good for all seasons, and they are open even on Public holidays.

1. Macritchie Treetop Walk

Experience breath-taking views of the tropical Rainforest, as you make your way through Macritchie Reservoir. This attraction is definitely off the beaten track, and one which your family will enjoy.

treetop walk

treetop bridge

For the uniniated, you would think that the bridge is like an easy walk. Truth to be told, it can quite a leisurely walk! However, making your way to the bridge is where the PROBLEM lies. With no car parking lots nearby, it takes a good half an hour, to make your way to the bridge and another half an hour to come out again. For trekkers to the bridge, do Dress light, make sure you are well hydrated, and prepare for a great family adventure as you make your way to the bridge. Check out how you can park nearer to the bridge, and how many steps we encountered by finding out more about the treetop walk here.

2. Riders Cafe

This is one of the only places in Singapore, where when you walk across the street, you will find signage’s like this! Totally out of the norm, considering that one is brought up in Urban Singapore, which is filled with concrete and cars!

horse sign

Driving into the Bukit Timah Saddle Club where “Riders Cafe” will bring you to surroundings that remind you of the British Countryside. This colonial Hideaway is a great place to bring your kids to see the horses and to just sit back and relax. This is the only place in Singapore where you look out of the window, and you see horses walking by. Besides serving sandwiches and other food, the Riders Cafe serve up a famous eggs benedict breakfast set, which goes down well with your favourite beverage. Not Michelin Class, but definitely a good place to bring your kids for a very different experience.

riders cafe


Riders Cafe

51 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286965
Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs 8am – 9pm, Fri & Sat 8am – 10pm
Closed on Monday
Tel: +65 6466 9819

3. Train Playground

Playgrounds are always great fun for the kids, and  no matter where you bring them, the kids will find great fun there. As my son loves Trains, this playground brings greater joy to him than most! Constructed with boys in mind, the playground is constructed with carriages and obstacles to keep the kids occupied.

train playground

The playground is just located a short walk away from Tiong Bahru Plaza, and located along Tiong Bahru Road. Besides exploring through the carriages, one will also find mini flying foxes, and a mini carousel. Yes! The kind where we used to sit on, and our friends will just twirl us round and round. Always makes me feel really giddy sitting on it, but it will be great fun for the kids.

train obstacles

train carriages

To find out more of what you can expect in this playground, hop on over to our Train Playground review.

4. National Library

Besides the outdoor areas we have highlighted, we thought that we could add balance to the list by showing how much the National Library offers to kids. Besides a specially built room for the kid’s section with bright drawings, and murals, the National Library offers Story telling and other activities on weekends as well.  Kids will love being transported to the Magic Faraway Tree, as they sit in the room where stories come alive.

National library

This Tree house is particularly built to inspire the young ones to read, and being built in the centre of the whole room, it catches the eye of every young child that enters the room. Parents will be impressed with the book collection that the library carries, and every Singaporean will be glad that there are just so many books that the kids can borrow.

My Tree House

We started brining the kids to the library every since they were young, and they still go every 2 weeks to borrow more books. It is our hope that they will continue to love to read, as they grow past their adolescent ages.

5. Kampong Glam

Bring the kids for a historical tour of Singapore and let the History books come to life. Visit the Istana at Kampong Glam, as this is the original palace of the Sultan of Singapore. Sultan Hussein is the man who signed Singapore away to the British Government in 1819, and this house was given to him by the British (East India Company). The Istana Kampong Glam compounds was refurbished as part of the development of the Malay Heritage Centre in 2004.

istana kampong glam thumb Park Royal Hotel Staycation

Let the kids walk around the surrounding Kampong Glam area to experience the old precinct. This area is not just a great enclave to see buildings and shop with great character, but it has also proven to be a great location for Camera enthusiasts.

streets of kampong glam thumb Park Royal Hotel Staycation

Parents can also educate the kids about the Malay Culture, as kids can also get hold of the Malay instruments and play with them. There are also many restaurants around this area, which sell authentic Malay food. To check out more of the shops around the surrounding area, do check out the detailed Kampong Glam post.

malay culture thumb Park Royal Hotel Staycation

malay instruments thumb Park Royal Hotel Staycation

We hope you guys enjoy finding out about the places which we have highlighted in the list. If there are other lists that you would like us to come up with, do let us know! Smile

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