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Daddy…I can see my panties…

This is a classic favorite Blog Post, and how the kids always seem to make me laugh…

Beware as it is classified R Rated.

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 R Rated Post for Nathan.

Problems encountered when Toilet Training your child and how to avoid R Rated Results.

Issues that you will only encounter when the kids are young, and that are worth remembering…

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talking on phoneGeneration Gaps exist between us and our children.

As you read this, you will suddenly realize how things have changed, and how a young mind views life in general.

Like what they say, “Kids say the darnest things!!!”

Find out how a 4yo deals with this issue and be tickled silly!

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My Grandfather is the Singapore Legend – Lee Dai Soh.

He is a famous Singaporean whom our grandparents will remember & a BIG HIT in Chinatown.

I used to grow up listening to him on Redifussion, and many Singaporeans used to turn in to his programme while growing up. In the days when Radio ruled the Airwaves, he was No.1 in Singapore and Malaya

If you don’t know who he is, your parents or grandparents probably will! 🙂

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Every Child has to go through Show and Tell in school.

This is something that we missed while growing up in Singapore, but we are glad that the next generation is being exposed to it.

Show and Tell is supposed to be simple, however, Nicole makes it difficult for the family!

… and in all truth, Nicole  makes it a nightmare for poor mummy!

A Guaranteed Laugh! Read it here…



Is your pre-schooler too young for a boyfriend…

This is always a Parent’s Nightmare.. At what age can they have a boyfriend, and when are they ready to talk to boys on the phone. Sometimes having boys might just be simpler!!! 🙂

What happens when your 3yo tells u that she has got boyfriends and NOT just ONE!

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[biggest loser logo[6].jpg]

Based on the Hit Reality Show “The Biggest Loser”, contestants aim to lose weight as fast as they can, within a specified period.

This was a Hit Show, which most Singaporean Families watched during the children’s growing up years.

Find out how this reality series led to my most embarrassing moment as a parent.

This is definitely an encounter that ALL PARENTS want to avoid!  Read it here…




ALL Men love their cars…

but find out what things change when you become a parent!

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Advice from the Experts at Chiltern House/Julia Gabriel:

How to help your kid make the transition to Primary School

Dealing with Temper Tantrums

Do my kids need Enrichment Classes – Hear from Chiltern House

How to help my child cope with Mandarin?

Dealing with Seperation Anxiety

How to choose a good Pre-School?

In Conversation: ED talks to Julia Gabriel/Chiltern House


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