Being a Parent is never easy, and in this book, I would like to share with you, the joys and trials of being a Parent.

Book Cover

“Daddy! A Father’s Guide to Parenting is a Brand New E-Book from the Wildly popular website ED Unloaded.com.

Featuring never seen before stories, of this Singaporean Daddy who struggles and stumbles through Parenthood.

This book won’t help you make more money, lose weight nor improve your English! But it will definitely shed light on Fatherhood.

Get the First 2 Chapters of the book totally FREE by following the instructions below.  Stay connected and get First Hand Information about the launch of new book and other parenting tips by following the instructions below. We are always glad to connect with Like-Minded Parents like yourselves.! Smile

Free E-Book

Enclosed are 2 chapters of our upcoming book Totally FREE! Click on the link to download the file!

Daddy by ED Unloaded

We will definitely keep you informed once the book is ready!

To get in touch with Edmund directly, you may also email him at edmundtay@gmail.com

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