IKEA Projects for kids

If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids, why don’t you go on down to Ikea?

No la…I am not talking about the Cafe, and Yes…I do know that its a favourite hangout for couples and families…but how about getting the kids to help you set up some furniture! Yes! U can actually get the kids involved as well! Smile


Recently, at the invitation of Ikea Singapore, we had the chance to set up some new furniture for Grandma. The best thing about the project, was that it was going to be a family effort, and the kids were going to help Grandma make some side-tables for her house.

With this objective in mind, we trooped on down to Ikea at Tampines. Frankly, at the mention of IKEA, the kids did not put up  much of a protest!  They love going to the playground at IKEA, and they are always hungry. Do u have the same problem with your children?!?

Well, to cut the chase, we decided on a pair of side-tables called “HOL”! Check out the picture below to see what the finished product should look like.

ikea kids

ikea side table

I have never really got the kids to help with the assembly of furniture before, and my initial plan was for the kids to just help out with the little bits and pieces. But it seems that the kids really loved their practical “Fix-It” lesson and helping Daddy out at home!  For them, it was like “Bob the Builder” coming to life and they wanted to be involved in everything!

Being the boy, Nathan loved making Jig Saw puzzles and watching “Bob the Builder”, and it was to no surprise, that he  really put his little muscles into the project! Smile

ikea collage

With supervision from Daddy, all 3 kids got involved in putting in the final touches to the side-table as well.

I taught the kids how to use the Allen Key, and all of them took  turns at turning the Allen key and seeing their Master-piece come together.  In fact, they liked it so much, that Daddy had to  make sure that everyone had an equal chance! (That is Daddy’s Politically Correct way of saying, that they fought for their turns…)

ikea hol

And within an hour…Our Side-table was ready for Grandma!

Personally, I thought that it was really quite a fun thing to do with the kids.  Previously, the kids got to bake cookies, and bread with Mummy, and this time round, it was time for some Macho Man stuff with Daddy! So I thought that it was a good balance in terms of exposure for the kids! Smile  Looks like I will definitely get the kids involved again, when I next purchase some furniture from IKEA.

In closing, thanks so much to Ikea for sponsoring the project and making it possible. We all had great fun! Smile

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