Resident Pâtissier

pâtissier – chef in a professional kitchen, skilled in the making of pastries, desserts, and other baked goods

Mummy’s blogging again…

Recently, Nicole was down with a stomach virus. Thus, she had to stay home alone with mummy instead of going to school. We spent the entire day playing, reading and resting. By early evening, it was clear the virus was just a passing one, and the little girl was back to her usual frisky self.

That was when she started asking and declaring, “Mummy, can we bake cookies?“, “Mummy, I like cookies!“, “Mummy, where are the cookies?“. To appease her (and me!), we got daddy to buy our favourite Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix as he made his way back from work.

This resulted in one of the most crispy, melt in your mouth cookies I’ve ever had! (Really!) Our little pâtissier did a lot more than our previous cookie experiment. This time, she poured in the mix, stirred in the butter, beat the egg, shaped the cookies, and of course posed for the camera!

Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time to consider baking cookies from scratch now! Nic’s culinary skills are matching up to good ol’ Betty!

Confession: Yes, it was ME who cut that fringe… I got carried away snipping, and it just got a little shorter than what was intended!

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