Our 2014 year in Review

2014 has been a very eventful year for the whole family! Besides the many trips and working engagements that we had as a family, we experienced one of our most eventful Adventure ever. No….we did not jump out of a plane…Nor did we bungee jump…but instead we went for Primary School Balloting. Yes! Getting our youngest child into Primary 1, has been one of the highlights in 2014. Here are some other pictures that summarized the year for us!

2014 highlights

But besides the P1 balloting experience which I will elaborate later, I also want to thank God for the many other blessings that he has given us. This is the year that we said Goodbye to our Citroen Grand Picasso. Although Citroen MPVs are the just the right size for the families and affordably priced, my problems with the Citroen Grand Picasso have been well documented. Well, we finally got rid of the costly car and switched back to a Japanese sedan. Hopefully this will be end of our financial problems with our car.

food republic

One of the personal highlights of 2014, was to see my favorite Food Republic Auntie come to join us for our Candlelight services, and bring a friend as well for the Christmas service. I am so glad to see her attending church regularly, and coming to church through a miraculous meeting. In fact, this “Food court” experience and the P1 Balloting experience have become my favorite illustrations of 2014. On the preaching side, I would also want thank God for the privilege of personally leading 72 people into the kingdom of God in the last 6 months. It was a real privilege to be used in this way! 🙂

However, the icing on the cake iwa definitely our Primary School balloting experience. We did NOT have to go through it, as Nicole and Nathan were already in a good primary school. However, with Nadine’s learning disabilities, we knew that we had to put her in a less pressurizing school. To cut the long story short, we withdrew Nadine from a guaranteed spot in one of Singapore’s Top Schools, and went through the Primary 1 Balloting experience. This is the picture of us, withdrawing her from a guaranteed spot, and hoping to “out-think” God, and putting her in the best school possible! 🙂

p1 ballot

As many of you heard, we did not get into our first choice. Our faith was shaken, and we had to look for alternatives. In the end, we had to go for a 2nd ballot in another school. We finally got in,, and it was definitely a nerve-wrecking experience, and something that we don’t ever want to go through again.

Although it was a most hallowing experience, we learnt so much about our faith through that experience. God’s ways are definitely higher than our ways, and all we could do at that moment of time was to put our faith in God.

In 2015, we are looking forward to more breakthroughs, and finally completing on the book, that I have nearly almost finished. And most of all, looking forward to more adventures with God!

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