Kid’s Fest 2015

Kid’s fest is in Town and the children are going to love it! Last week, we managed to catch Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, and my kids gave the show thumbs up! If you are looking for World Class productions for children, Kid’s Fest is definitely something for your family!: )

Dinosaurs are a big Hit with children, and the boys are always BIG FANS! Hosted by our Australian cast, children get up close and personal with prehistoric creatures. The best thing about the production is that although the dinosaurs are puppets, the movements are so life-like. The children went wild when they met T-Rex!

Scarily built, and showing all the characteristics of a carnivore, the kids started screaming, when T-Rex let out a LOUD roar! Beyond the fun and laughter, the show is also billed as a learning experience for the kids. They got to learn many fun facts about our prehistoric friends, as these creatures came to “Live” within the theater.

Check out the video below, as you can watch the T-Rex in one of its more timid moods. (You can see that the kids are scared of the T-Rex, as the chosen volunteer is running away from the life-size puppet)


This is not the first time that Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is in town and although the 7 productions are over, there are other shows which you can catch during this Kid’s Fest.

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barmy britain

vile victoirans


tiger who came to tea

kidsfest 2015


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