The Line at Shangri-La and Giveaway! (Closed)

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After checking out our luxurious rooms at the Shangri-La, we were looking forward to the next best thing at the Shang…and that is the food!

(Keep on Reading and find out how you can win for yourself A FREE BUFFET for your family at The Line)

Breakfast buffet

breakfast shangrila

One of the Famous restaurants at the Shangri-La is called “The Line”. And after staying at the Shang, I call tell you that the restaurant definitely lives up to its name! This restaurant offers a LINE of choices, not just for lunch or dinner, but for Breakfast as well.

Singaporeans normally have problems waking up for breakfast…most of us like to sleep in and just wake up for lunch. However, the breakfast at the Shangri-La is definitely one that you won’t regret crawling out of bed for! Smile

With a FULL Breakfast awaiting every guest, This 5 Star Hotel knows how to pamper your tummy when it comes to food!

breakfast at shang

On our first morning at the Shang, we started with a traditional American Breakfast of Eggs and Bacon. I am glad to report that we did not stop there…we continued on our morning adventure with Chinese, Indian and Local Breakfast delights. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it! Smile

Daddy and the kids loved the fact that we could have an American Breakfast together with Chinese delicies like “Siew Mei” and traditional Chinese porridge. The kids loved the “Teh Terik”, which is traditional Milk tea with froth! Here are the kids, posing with their drink!

teh terik

If you are a tourist visiting Singapore, the great thing about breakfast is that you can experience the full buffet of Singapore’s breakfast cuisine in just one seating! A definite efficient use of your breakfast time and calories!

food at Shangri-la

With so much food on offer, we did not have any problems feeding the children. As children can be a bit fussy when it comes to food, we were glad that “The Line” overwhelmed our kids with their variety!  This definitely helped Daddy and Mummy relax, and it made the staycation even more memorable!

If you love food, and if you can’t wake up in time for Breakfast, you can also check out the famous Brunch at “The Line”. This Bruch offers guests the experience of International Cuisine at 16 theatre kitchens. Talking about spoiling one for choice! This is one of the most famous brunches in Singapore, and we could definitely see why! Totally Awesome right!


One of my personal favourites was the Sashimi. Upon ordering, the chef cuts the sashimi, and serves them to you on a Nice Classy Japanese Platter! This keeps the Sashimi fresh, and it made the guests, keep going back for more!  Yes! I was guilty of that! Smile

Living up to it’s name, “The Line” is once again incredibly BIG on variety! There was just so much to eat and so much variety. I think I spent the first 5-10 minutes just walking up-and-down, taking my time to absorb in the whole menu… There were just so many decisions to make!

As we wanted to sample everything, we tried to take tiny portions of everything, however it was just not possible. (The food was just too “yummy” that we had to take more than one portion!)

If you are going for this buffet, expect Oysters, Crabs, Crayfish, Prawns…basically all your favourite seafood, western food, Japanese Cuisine, Chinese Food,  local delights and much more…

shangrila buffet

I especially liked their local renditions of Laksa and Prawn Noodles. The Laksa was “lemak” and satisfying, and comparable to those which you find at a famous Katong store. While the Prawn Noodles broth was clear, and yet delicious. Would highly recommend for you to try those dishes!

western buffet

International buffet

If you love Indian food, you would love the Indian dishes here as well! The food was not too spicy, and complemented with a curry, that keeps you grabbing for more.

Lastly, for everyone who has a sweet tooth! The desserts here are truly sinful, and both Parents and kids had a great time exploring the whole selection!

dessert buffet

The Line buffet is definitely one of the Best in Singapore, and it is a “Must Try” for any local Foodie!

The Line

22 Orange Grove Rd

Singapore 258350

Lower Lobby, Tower Wing

Contact: 6213 4275


Breakfast Buffet: $39++ (adult), $20++ (child)

Lunch Buffet:

Monday to Friday: $49 (adult), $26 (child)

Saturday: $55 (adult), $26 (child)

Sunday: $98 / $138 (adult), $26 (child)

Dinner Buffet:

Monday and Wednesday: $72 (adult), $36 (child)

Tuesday and Thursday (Marine Harvest): $92 (adult), $36 (child)

Friday and Saturday: $78 (adult), $36 (child)

Sunday: $72 (adult), $36 (child)

You can make a booking at “The Line” by following this online link


But wait…before we go…there is Good News for all ED Unloaded Readers, as we have a GIVEAWAY for all our Readers!

Shangri-La is offering a family voucher for a complimentary Lunch buffet at the “The Line” for 2 Adults and 2 children! (conditions do apply)

In order to Win this generous spread for your family, all you need to do is:

1. Comment on 2 blog Posts:

Post 1: Tell us what you like about Shangri-La? (To go to post 1, click here)

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(Closing Date 15 September 2013)

*Winners will be notified by email, and non-collection of prizes will mean that the prize will be forfeited. The Editors decision is final.


Results are out!

And the Winner of the Buffet for 4 at The Line, is none other than:


You will be receiving an email shortly from me about the collection of your prizes.

Congratulations and do stay tuned for our next giveaway! Smile

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