The Art of the Brick

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Rated by CNN as one of the 12 “Must See Exhibitions”, “The Art of the Brick” does not disappoint! Smile

art of the brick

Growing up, most of us longed for Lego Sets! However, as they are really pricey, they have always been a much sought after dream! Introducing Nathan Sawaya…this is a man who not only got his Lego, but he is a man living out his dreams!

In fact, just looking at photos of this man’s work is not enough! One needs to step into ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands to see the works for oneself.

lego sculpture

As a lawyer, Nathan Sawaya quit his job, to pursue his dream to be a Lego Sculptor. Although his field is practically unheard of, he took a bold step to pursue this dream, despite some objections from his friends. Check out the yellow sculpture pictured above. Using Lego Bricks in the thousands, he is able to bring out the 3 Dimensional definition of a Man, and show dramatically “What makes a man tick!”

Lego humans

In case you are wondering how they keep the bricks together, they do use glue! The pieces are also assembled before they are transported to Singapore, and so it’s a matter of unpacking the sculptures, when the Art pieces arrive in Singapore.

lego artist

Pictured above is one of my wife’s favourite Art Pieces. Everything here is made from Lego. From, the table to the black and white tiles, Nathan Sawaya demonstrates the depth of his imagination.

nathan sawaya

The Pictures above are all made of Lego! Close up they look like ordinary bricks, but when you take a step back, you will see the breadth of Nathan’s imagination.

lego statues

Lego exhibition collage

As you discover Nathan Sawaya’s sculptures, it is no surprise that his unique artworks have won him the “Most Creative Unusual Artist” award from the Society of Unique Artists. The Unique Art Awards recognize exceptional artists around the world for their unconventional artworks.

art science musuem

A piece of Nathan Sawaya’s art, contains thousands of Lego bricks. Each sculpture therefore can take a few weeks to complete.  Sawaya was commissioned to build the ArtScience Museum as part of this exhibition. The amazing thing is that he built the Museum brick by brick, just by looking at the photos of the building. He was never there, but yet he managed to catch every single detail in his sculpture. Amazing isn’t it! Smile When Nathan finally dropped in for the exhibition, he signed the Sculpture which he built from scratch.

If your kids are into dinosaurs, they will enjoy the Dinosaur which Nathan dedicates to the children who visit his exhibits. Check out the intricate bone structure which he had to design in order to make the whole exhibit stand.

lego dinosaur

If you can only afford to bring the kids to only one exhibition this school holidays, you have to bring them to “The Art of the Brick”. The Lego Sculptures brought out the child in me, and I am sure that you too, will be awed by this man’s imagination! Smile

Lego interactive

And if you are wondering if there are Lego sets for the kids to play around with, you will be glad to know that are exhibits and activities to keep the kids entertained, especially if the adults want to slow down and enjoy the Lego Sculptures at a more leisurely pace.

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

Operation Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last admission at 9pm)

Adult – $14

Senior Citizens (65 yo and above) – $13

Children (2- 12yo) – $8

Self Park for FREE when you spend $20 or more at the Art Science Museum

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