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I’ve heard of Starlight Express the musical when I was growing up. But all I knew of it was it’s a highly rated musical that has been running for years at the West End. So I was very happy when I was invited to review this musical which is now in town till 24 Nov.

I did the usual—google to find out more about it! And it’s all about trains and their races. It was like a dream come true! A boy’s dream, definitely! The missus wasn’t so keen but here’s what she said AFTER the show: “It’s so good, the kids would love it!!”… And we wished that we brought our kids for the show! This is a definite MUST for kids who are fans of Thomas the Train! Smile

So How did my wife, a non-train lover, find the show? Well, She enjoyed it!  I felt it was because of the universal theme of the underdog overcoming the odds to win the race. That train no one looked at, the one that no one believed in, eventually won the race and everyone’s hearts.

There’s also technology that made the musical so fun. You see, we were given these!!

starlight express

All the train races were done in 3D! It was awesome to watch 3D action in a musical!

And of course the music!! This was an Andrew Lloyd Webber classic. Every song gave us a glimpse into the 80s, when the show first started.

The show was easy to follow, the plot was super feel good, and I am so so sure, every child, (boy or girl) would love it. Well, the musical definitely brought out the little boy and girl in both of us!


Tickets are available at Sistic if you follow the link.

Starlight Express is running from 13-24 Nov 2013, and tickets start from $65

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