Singing in the Rain: Musical Review

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I was exposed to musicals at a very young age. It was expensive to attend a live musical when I was a kid (and they were hardly staged in Singapore!), so I grew up watching musical movies which became classics. These included The Sound of Music, the King & I and Mary Poppins. But one of my all-time favorites was Singing in the Rain!

singing in the rain

This is adapted from the famous 1952 MGM movie, which was one of the most beloved big screen musicals of all times. The movie which starred the very talented Gene Kelly, had many original dance routines. It was wonderful to watch the modern take on this, with new inventive choreography. So I was really looking forward to watching the production last Friday at the Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. It’s been a while since I watched a romantic comedy musical, and when it’s a show I’m so familiar with, you can imagine how excited I was.

The songs are a huge factor why this muscial is a must-see. Some of the songs are pure classics! I remember singing Good Morning Good Morning at the start of each new day, esp when it was a particularly beautiful morning.

The story is a simple love story, set in old Hollywood when the silver screen started having audio outputs: voices and music. With this, some of the silent movie stars were left behind. The lines are subtle and witty and they brought in much humour and played on common human emotions like jealousy, love and loyalty. And the scene everyone is looking forward to is of course the song and dance for Singing in the Rain!

You can imagine the grandeur and glamour of long ago made alive on set.

singing in rain

Without revealing too much, I can say there is a strong chance of showers for those sitting in the first 4 rows of the stalls. (those 12,000 litres of water have to go somewhere!) And as happy as the story goes, all of us watching can’t help but tap and hum along too.

singing musical

Singing in the Rain is now running at Marina Bay Sands and you can get your tickets here.

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