Singapore XD Theatre

Are you ready for the ride of your life?

If you want the thrills and spills of a roller-coaster ride without going to Disneyland, the XD 6D Motion ride is something that you should experience!

This multisensory ride is the latest experience at the Singapore Flyer, and it is something that Grandpa, Grandma, and even my youngest 4yo thoroughly enjoyed.

XD theatre singapore

XD Motion ride experience

The ride offers patrons a revolutionary visual experience, as one does not just see and hear what you are watching, but they get to feel it as well. My girls including Grandma, screamed as they were brought on a Roller Coaster ride, with the wind blowing in their hair. As the seats tossed us left and right, I think this added even greater realism to my ride! Smile

XD 6D Motion Theatre Singapore (Interior shot)

The good news is that the ride is safe enough for a 84yo grandma, and stimulating enough for enough a 4yo. So if you want to put some courage into your city kids, this will be a good introductory ride for the kids, before they head off to an Outdoor ride.  Nathan loved it as well, as it meant that he could do the ride in air-conditioned comfort!

If you want to experience the ride, do take note that they are having a Special Introductory Offer for this season.

Adults: $16

Children below 12yo: $14

Seniors above 60yo: $14

Do go to the Singapore XD Theatre website for more details.

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