Shrek the Musical Review

One of the biggest musicals to hit our shores during the Holiday season is Shrek the Musical! Based on the Oscar Winning Dreamworks Animation film, this musical is based on the famous Green Ogre which we have all come to love, and his adventures with the donkey and the feisty princess that we have all come to know!

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shrek the musical

If you are looking for a light-hearted musical to introduce the kids to the world of theatre, Shrek is right up your alley! With bright costumes, and easy humor, the musical is easy to digest, as it is a close adaptation of the famous movie that we have all watched.

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What can I expect from Shrek the Musical?

Here is the synopsis in short! Expect to see a ugly ogre (Minus the handsome prince) setting off to rescue a feisty princess, a Donkey that rattles on and on, a villian with a literally short temper, a cookie with an attitude, and over a dozen fairy tale misfits, who will charm your night away. But “Shrek the Musical” is more than a feel-good children’s story with a twist, as it digs deep into our inner being to find out where inner beauty lies and how we recognize our self-worth.


What we love about the show?

The kids could not stop laughing at the antics of Lord Farquad and of course Donkey. Both characters lived up to their billing, and were entertaining in their sidekick humor, which they brought to the show. The props and costumes in the show were also bold, bright and colorful, totally setting the scenes and bringing out the essence of the Oscar winning cartoon.

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This show made the night of our kids, as it also incorporated the toilet farting humor which was quick to punctuate the important moments of the show.  Overall, Adults and kids will love the entertainment brought by the cast of Shrek, and it will prove to be a great night out for any family.

Shrek the Musical is currently playing at Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands and will end its Singapore run on 19 June 2016.

To purchase tickets online, you can do so at Marina Bay Sand’s website or at SISTIC

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