Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure

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On Monday, I had the privilege to be invited by Omy and Royal Carribean to go onboard the “Legends of the Sea”.

I was excited about the prospect!!! Why?

Growing up, I was brought up on a unhealthy diet of sitcoms such as “The Love Boat”, and I was captivated by the prospect of a fun-filled, relaxing voyage!


Personally, I have never been onboard a cruise liner before, and I was therefore looking forward to the experience.

Well, I was not alone! The Buzz was definitely in the air, as the 40 invited bloggers gathered to board the luxury liner. It was fun meeting new and old friends, and I managed to catch up with Eunice, Maryann, Walter, Keropokman and Catherine.

Queueing to board boat

As we boarded the boat, we were reminded about the FREE FLOW of beverages for all guests on the cruise!


I am sure that this is an important detail that every Singaporean looks out for! :)

Built in 1995, this cruise liner can accommodate up to 2,074 passengers and it was definitely built luxuriously. With a forum similar to those depicted in Hollywood Movies, passengers will not be disappointed with the facilities on this boat.

Main forum 

With musicians playing in the background to set the mood, you are more than willing to set sail, as you explore the boat.

musicians playing 

Besides the Casino for the high-rolling guests. This boat is armed with amenities to satisfy any guests.

Royal Caribbean1

Guests can find ATMS, Cafes, A Mini Shopping Mall, a Library, a Mahjong Room, and Internet Stations for the Tech-Savvy guests. Passengers will also not be bored, as they can join the fun-filled activities organized by the crew on the boat!

Royal Caribbean2

A key question that everyone will ask – What are the rooms like?

Well, there are rooms for every family size!

Here is a picture of the basic rooms. You will know that they are basic as they have no balconies. The general rule of thumb is that- the higher the floor, the better the room!

basic room 

Here is the picture of the toilet equipped with a shower:


I will recommend the upgrade, and get the room with the balcony, as the view is definitely better!


For a family man, such as myself, I will go for the family room. This room is adequately sized with a sitting room, 2 toilets, an adjoining room for the kids: equipped with 2 beds for the grandparents or kids.


If you have a bigger budget, you can try out these other rooms! And I must say…that they are really NICE! :)

This room is great for newly-weds! I like to call it the Honeymoon Suite! :)


It comes equipped with a queen sized bed, a bar, balcony and a well-sized bathroom!

The best room goes to the Royal Suite!


It comes with a sitting and dining room…and get this a Baby Grand Piano!


….A Bar


And toilets grand enough for the condominiums in Orchard Road!



And most of all, if you are thinking about the food…Check out the buffet spread for the guests everyday!

Royal Caribbean3

Here are some other reasons on why you can consider the Royal Caribbean Cruise:

Royal Caribbean6

Royal Caribbean7

Royal Caribbean5

I feel relaxed…just looking at the photos!

I showed the kids the photos today…and their mind is all made-up! They are packing their bags and they told Daddy…

ready to go

Don’t you just love the idea!!!

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  1. I love the idea! Ur BBs are so cute! :))
    Love this post. Well done! :)

  2. That’s a good write up about what you can find on a cruise.

    Personally, I love cruises as they allow me to bring the kids back to the room to rest when they are tired from playing with the facilities on board.

  3. Great post Edmund, and its always lovely how you tie in your family members to your exploits. I think it’d be great if you can win and I’ll look forward to receiving updates on the 4D3N adventure from you. :)

  4. Awesome relaxation place to be in…Totally would wanna try it out…from the rooms to the food to the activities…your vivid describing makes me wanna go immediately!

  5. Hi,
    may i ask how much did u pay for a room ( what category) a couple + 2 kids?

    Mind replying to my email as i worry may missed ur post. thks :)

    • edunloaded

      Ok. Will email you. Anyway, I have not stayed on the ship before. It was more of a tour of the ship given by Roayl Caribbean.

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