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One of the best Hotel Stays this year, was experiencing the historic and enchanting Raffles Hotel along Beach Road. However, the epitome of the Raffles Experience was definitely enhanced, when we dined in this Colonial Hotel. (To check out the historic rooms, click on Part 1 here)

raffles hotel

Raffles Hotel Hall

Breakfast served at this Colonial Mansion is one that cannot be missed. You may normally sleep in when you are on vacation, but Breakfast at the Raffles is such a highlight, that you MUST just wake up for it!

At a normal breakfast buffet, most of the food is cooked and left in the buffet platter for you. However, the Raffles experience comes with the Colonial Charm, of having your breakfast freshly served to you.

You don’t need to line up for your eggs, as all you need to do, is to open from the Breakfast Menu, and expect your breakfast served personally to you. One does not need to get up from the table, and you can sit back and read your morning papers as you wait for your morning breakfast to come.

breakfast bacon


Raffles breakfast

From Eggs Benedict, Poached Eggs, Omelettes, Waffles and freshly squeezed juices, I wanted to stuff myself silly at the breakfast table. There was just so much to eat, and every dish came dressed to kill! How not to eat!….

breakfast eggs

The Raffles Breakfast is definitely a breakfast for any nationality. Besides the traditional British Breakfast, they had traditional Chinese Porridge, Nasi Lemak, and even a Japanese Breakfast platter for the Japanese tourist.

buffet breakfast

And talk about looking into little details…

Check out the little stool for the newspapers! With the Service Butler and the personalized service, I felt like I was brought back to a Colonial Era, and having breakfast with Raffles.

classy service

But our Raffles Gastronomic Journey does not stop there…

Our favourite stop was at the Bar and Billiard Room was their highly rated Sunday Brunch. This lavish Carving Champagne Brunch is a fully packed affair, as it’s reputation is reknown in Cosmopolitan Singapore. Do make Reservations, before you drop by for this exquisite “foodie” indulgence!

For the uninitiated, the Bar and Billiard Room is voted the Best Restaurant in Singapore 2012 by Tatler Singapore. The Sunday Brunch offers a wide selection of food imbued with quality cuts and service. If you can only go to one Buffet for the whole year, this is definitely your main choice!

Bar and Billard


The Seafood spread includes Tiger Prawns, Lobsters, and Oysters from 3 different provinces. I had the tough job of deciding which type of Oysters (Irish, Canadian and Fine de claire oysters) I loved best, and I went back to the spread a few times, to make the tough decision! Smile

Moving from the seafood, we got to experience anti-pasta and pasta like Hand made Ravioli, which makes all processed food to shame. The Italian food together with other meats like lamb, roast meat, ribs and carvings were heavenly. I loved the seared foie gras, and it is a definite MUST TRY, when you come for this buffet.

handmade ravioli

ribs and meats

And for all Dessert lovers, the buffet at The Raffles involves a long table with lots of sweet goodies! Expect authentic vanilla ice cream, bread and butter pudding, hazelnut white chocolate cakes, and other sweets. There was just so much to eat, that we just sat there and kept on eating for another hour, as we had our free flow coffee and tea. Pay a bit more for the buffet and you can expect free flow of Billecart-Salmom, to add to your whole experience.

dessert bar

The food here is sublime, and although it is not exactly cheap, this brunch is definitely one for a grand occasion! Your loved ones will be impressed by the whole colonial ambience, service and food, which will be a lasting impression in anyone’s mind…

Expect to pay about $415 for two at this Sunday Brunch.

Raffles Hotel Address:

1 Beach Road, Singapore, 189673

Tel: +65 6337 1886

Hours of operation

Lunch Thursday to Saturday: 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
Dinner Thursday to Saturday: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Sunday Brunch: 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Martini Bar Cocktails Thursday to Saturday: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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