Purewash Pro saves Laundry Detergent

Saving Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener is a great deal for any family! We have 6 people in our household and you can imagine the amount of Laundry our home accumulates. When we heard that “Purewash pro saves Laundry Detergent”, our interest was piqued and we wanted to find out more!

purewash pro

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We checked out the ads on this latest product and we were fascinated by this new product. Here are the claims made by PureWash Pro.

According to the company: PureWash Pro cleans your clothes by infusing them in water with oxygen. PureWash Pro doesn’t just clean clothes, it purifies and sanitises them, leaving them odour free, whiter, fluffier, and happier.

PureWash Pro cleans your clothes by infusing them in water with oxygen. PureWash Pro doesn’t just clean clothes, it purifies and sanitises them, leaving them odour free, whiter, fluffier, and happier.

And this is my favourite part … It Saves Money with Every Wash thanks to the naturally purifying power of oxygen. One only needs to use the cold water cycle on your washing machine and use little to no detergent–saving money and energy on every wash

The Advantages of the PureWash pro does not stop there!  As it turns out, your laundry has been keeping a dirty little secret, (It’s really not that clean at all!). Detergent may leave clothes smelling clean but it does not eliminate the mould and bacteria that builds up from sports activities, pets and everyday living.

PureWash Pro cleans clothes with the disinfecting power of oxygen. It’s clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and mould, plus it’s both safe for the environment and for family members of all ages.

In fact, hotels and hospitals have been using industrial sized Ozone generators for years, as they need to save money on detergent and bleach.

We could not wait to try out the product for ourselves and made an appointment for the PureWash Pro professionals to come over and install the machine.


If you are worried that you are attaching a big contraption to the washing machine, let me put your fears to rest.

The PureWash Pro module is about 50cm long (Shorter than 2 long rulers) and has a width of about 20cm. It does not take up much space in the laundry room and the technician mounted it to our wall.

On the module itself, it has clearly labelled instructions, on where to connect the water cables. PureWash Pro connects easily and safely to all models of both front load and top load washing machines, so it does not matter if your washing machine is made in Europe or Japan! 🙂



One of the parts that needs placement is the cartridge that contains desiccant. Basically, it removes moisture before the oxygen infusion process begins and needs replacement every 6-12 months (Pictured above).

The blue crystals will turn from blue to pink due to use. If you are thinking that the company will charge you through the nose for a new filter, I have good news! The filter will cost only about $33 per cartridge. Very affordable indeed! 🙂

For Parents who want a more technical understanding of the process, one can watch this video:

Sensitive Skin and other skin conditions

Traditional laundry detergents are harsh on sensitive skins suffering from eczema, allergies and other skin conditions. Paediatricians and dermatologists across the country have recommended pureWash Pro to their patients to relieve detergent-related skin sensitivities, rashes and other health issues.

The threat of chemicals is also important when there are babies and young children in the house. With their skin getting easily irritated, going natural is definitely important for young families.

Verdict on Purewash Pro

We are very happy with our cost savings at the moment! There is no need for the washing machine to use hot water and we have eliminated the need to purchase any laundry detergent or fabric softeners.

The clothes still feel and smell as clean, as they did previously and we have no complaints.

Switching over to PureWash Pro also means that we can say goodbye to harsh chemicals, bacteria, moulds and unpleasant odours. Sounds like a great deal to me! 🙂

For more information about PureWash Pro, you can check out this article in The New Paper, or visit their PureWash Pro.

PureWash Pro is distributed exclusively at Courts and it is retailing at SGD$499.

(Disclaimer: Ed Unloaded was sponsored the product for the purpose of this review)

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