Le Noir: the Cirque is in town!

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Come One! Come All! The Circus is in town!

Featuring former Cirque Du Soleil performers, I was thoroughly enthralled by the Premier of Le Noir, at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre.

Tagged as an intimate evening of cirque style entertainment, Le Noir lived up to its billing, with costumes, lighting, music and comedy, stirring up one’s senses.

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I have never caught the Cirque at Marina Bay’s Mastercard theatre before, and therefore I was intrigued to find out how the stage would be set. In a typical  “Circus Like” fashion, the stage was positioned  in such a way that the audience surrounded the performers. Each artist was therefore required to twist and turn their bodies 360 degrees, such that everyone could enjoy the performances! Smile

Good thing that they allowed me to enter the theatre with my Casio ZR1000 camera. They Camera makes use of technology to shoot in low light settings, and from where I was sitting, I managed to these these shots with a small Camera! Love the versatility of the Casio ZR1000, as it means that I don’t have to carry a bulky DSLR around.

le noir

My wife and I enjoyed the cast of world class acrobats, musicians, specialty acts and comedians as they strutted their “stuff” on a stage, which was built to bring the audiences close to all the action! With the use of special effects and acrobatics, the audience was immersed into a magical world, where one will definitely go OHH…and…AHHH…as you sit through the performances.

A crowd favourite was the Circus Clown. Even through he spoke only a sprinkling of English, he was thoroughly entertaining, and loosened up the normally “Quiet” Singapore Audience Smile

circque du soleli

Le noir collage

circus clown

If Opening night is to be used as a gauge, you will be glad to know that they got the normally sedated Singaporean crowd on their feet. A few parents asked me if kids would like the show…I would say YES!

standing ovation

The acts are not just entertaining for all ages, but the Circus Clown who comes out in between every act is really hilarious! However, as the theme of the show might be a little bit risque and seductive, parental guidance is recommended.  But don’t worry, there is nothing in the show, that is “jaw dropping”, as you would have seen worse, on the telly!

Catch Le Noir from 12 to 7 April 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands, with tickets going from $35 – $185.

Personally, I will not be recommending the cheap seats, as you might be a bit too far to goo..Ohh and Ahh…using a pair of “binos” Smile

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