Julia Gabriel Trial Class

Recently, at the invitation of Julia Gabriel, my kids had the chance to try out their enrichment classes at Forum Galleria.

julia gab forum

Julia Gabriel has programs for children from 6 months all the way to primary school, and my kids managed to try out the Edu-drama and Edu-play programs. As there are lots of programs provided by other schools, it is important for parents to make informed choices. Trial Classes are therefore super-useful to aid parents in their decision making process. (Read: How to choose a Pre-school)

As Nadine was the youngest and most alien to such classes, we accompanied her for the Bilingual Playclub, which is for children aged from 18 months to 3.5 years.

In fact, the Bilingual Playclub was where Nathan first started two years ago, and they were the 1st classes that he attended.

Nadine on the other hand, has never been for any enrichment classes before, and this trial class, was definitely one that offered her good exposure.

nadine and jayne

Each class usually starts off with 15 minutes of playtime. This is for the children to get used to the environment, and also for them to adjust to their new friends and surroundings.

During this time, the teachers also introduced themselves to the kids, and I must say that this was the highlight of the class.

I have been to a few enrichment programs, and I firmly believe that any program can work – as long as you have got GOOD TEACHERS!

claire julia Gabriel

We were blessed to have really GOOD TEACHERS in this class. Claire who is from Scotland was really bubbly and spontaneous as she introduced herself to the class!

Art and Craft

The 1st segment of the class was Art and Craft. As it was Xmas Season, the kids were asked to make snow flake decorations for their tree.

Each Art and Craft segment comprises of 2 tasks, and the Chinese teachers introduced their ideas immediately after Claire’s introduction.

Art and Craft 2

Art and Craft 3




Check out the kids as they went to their workstations to make the decorations for themselves. The teachers were always close-by to assist the kids!

Art and Craft 4

Art and Craft 5



“The Magic Box” was next, the kids were encouraged to step out in faith, and find out what was in the box!

magic box

magic balloon

And what was more…at the count of 3…

blow balloon

It could make your hair…

blow balloon2



blow balloon3

This simple lesson in static electricity won the hearts of the children, as they saw the power of science.

Story-Time was next, and the kids were captivated by the Story about Xmas!


chinese robot

The Chinese teachers were just as fun and creative. Their mini skit about a Robot displayed such spontaneity, that the kids were thoroughly captivated!

kids captivated

And if you are wondering, which was the favourite segment of the kids…I think you can safely say that it was BREAK-TIME!


And of course…Not forgetting Play-Time!

The kids just went wild, as they saw the toys and kiddy rides available!

3 kids

And one of the most fun segments for this Daddy blogger was Music Time. This was when, we would just sing and dance with the kids, as the kids learnt and develop their motor & vocal skills through music.

active children

At the end of the day, the kids had great fun!

In all seriousness, I think the teachers made all the difference. Through my interaction with the teachers, I found out that they have at least 30-40 teachers who have been with Julia Gabriel for more than 10 years. I think their experience with kids go a long way, and my kids just loved them!

Julia Gab teachers

If you are interested in the Julia Gabriel Program, Contact them for a trail class, and experience their curriculum for yourselves! 🙂

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