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Growing up, I used to devour comics weekly!  As a boy, I used to prefer playing with my toys, rather than curling up with a good book. In order to overcome this problem, my Mum introduced me to Marvel and DC comics, and every week I got to buy a new one after my music classes. With their bright colors and illustrations, comic books are still very much relevant, and attractive to the kids of today. If you don’t want your kids to just read about Superman and Captain America, how about introducing them to JJ’s Science Adventure.

Written by Aurelia Tan and illustrated by Nicolas Liem, Aurelia’s comics come with a difference! Being a ex-MOE teacher, Aurelia’s comics aims to make science interesting! Knowing full well that many students may find science textbooks “boring”, the comic series aims to make subjects like magnets interesting! Yes! Kids learn best when they are having fun, and when they really get into stories which they find interesting. Aurelia’s Comics for Education (ACE), aims to do exactly that! With key teaching points that adheres closely to the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) science syllabus, this comic book will strike a chord with many parents.

jj space adventure

Here is a Summary of JJ’s Science Adventure: Magnets

After receiving their birthday presents from their grandfather Joyce and Jonathan find themselves in possession of 2 bags which transform into a talking robot (Robo) and a teleportation portal. With a set of keys from Robo, the kids open the portal into a sub-dimensional world created by the “World Maker”, an incredible invention by their grandfather to help them learn science.

In this adventure, the twins journey into the world of magnets where they discover the physical properties of magnets and solve challenging puzzle traps laid by their grandfather. Will they survive the constant sabotage by a Minion sent by Mr Sinister and win the prize, a piece of puzzle key which unlocks yet another secret?

How did the JJ’s Science Adventure fare with my kids?

When I passed Nathan the comic book, there was an instant magnetism (Pun intended) to the book. Lately, the kids have been full of energy, but after passing Nathan the book, I had peace and quiet for at least half an hour. Let me tell you, that was heaven sent! 🙂 One of the factors that really attracted him, was naturally the illustrations. I am therefore not surprised that the series has won the Readers’ Favorite Illustration Award 2014, in recognition for it’s manga-like pictures and quality illustrations. The pictures are therefore a big contributing factor as to why my 7yo boy could not put the comic book down.

Through the story, Nathan learned about Magnets. Check out how it is done in the illustration below:

fun magnets

A simple truth which is well illustrated and described 🙂

magnetic metals kids

Nicole loves it as well, and says it is really useful for her science. This is the first book of their series, and the next one coming out will “Heat and Light”. Each comic book is retailing at $18.90.

If you are interested, you may purchase the books online at Harvest Edu-store or at Elm Book Stores, which has outlets at Paragon, Funan, Star Vista, Downtown East and Jelita. Check out the full list of venues here. 


And Yes! We have Good News for all our Readers!

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The results are finally out!

Congratulations to the following Winners! We will be getting the publisher to contact you about the collection of your prizes!

1) Gillian Ong

2) Robert Sim

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To the rest of the readers, do stay tuned for our next Giveaway! 🙂



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