Nov 30 2013

Giveaway: Pediped Shoes for Kids

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Shoes are not just an important accessory in every child’s life. More importantly, they provide comfort, cushioning and protection for every pair of feet. When one gets improper footwear, it may cause a number of foot conditions such as Heel pains, which may be caused by improper cushioning and support. It’s important to remember that the bones in children’s feet don’t fully form until around 18 years of age, which means that throughout their childhood, their feet are susceptible to being misshaped by ill-fitting footwear. Shoes that are too wide or too narrow can do as much damage to a growing foot as shoes that are too short or too long, so fitted footwear is very important.

pediped shoes thumb Giveaway: Pediped Shoes for Kids

One of the BEST shoes that I have come across, are shoes by Pediped®.  Their mantra has always been Comfort, Quality and Style, in that order. This is why Pediped® shoes were among the first children’s footwear to be awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development. You can be rest assured that Pediped® is a footwear company that cares about the health and well being of your child’s growing feet.

Pediped collage thumb Giveaway: Pediped Shoes for Kids

The Pediped® Story

Designed by Parents in 2004, Angela and Brian Edgeworth wanted to design shoes that were comfortable and stylish for their kids. Most importantly. Angela wanted a shoe that was healthy for her daughter’s feet.

True to its name, Pediped® shoes are on the forefront of style, and I had lots of fun surfing and shopping the Pediped website for shoes for them.

If your kids are from 0 to 8yo, you will be glad to know that Pediped® has a design and a shoe just for you! wlEmoticon smile11 Giveaway: Pediped Shoes for Kids

Now…this is the News that we have all been waiting for…

Pediped® is giving away ONE pair of shoes to one lucky reader!

And what’s more, to make this experience even more special, the Reader can go shopping at the Pediped website and choose any shoe that he/she wants!

Yes! It is going to be absolutely fun, as you may just go home with that shoe your like (And it’s Totally FREE of Charge!)

*Prize is limited by Size and Stock Availability.

All you need to do is:

1. Comment on this blog post, and tell us which is your favourite Pediped® Shoe and Why?

(See the Pediped  Shoes at

2. Join and LIKE the Pediped Facebook Page and  ED Unloaded Facebook Page , if you have not done so.

3. Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall (For those who are new to this process, you can do this, by copying the internet address of this page and pasting it on your FB status update. Do help me by TAGGING me as well, so that I know that you have done it.)

(Closing Date 8 December 2013, 2359hrs)

*Winners will be notified by email, and non-collection of prizes will mean that the prize will be forfeited. The Editor’s decision is final.


Dear Readers,

The results are finally out, and the Winner is…..(drum roll)….

None other than:


We will be contacting you shortly about the collection of your prize, so do keep a lookout for our email! wlEmoticon smile11 Giveaway: Pediped Shoes for Kids 

Many thanks to everyone for your participation, and do stay tuned for our next Giveaway.

pixel Giveaway: Pediped Shoes for Kids

18 Responses to “Giveaway: Pediped Shoes for Kids”

  • Gan Say Bin Says:

    Favourite = Minnie Mary Jane! It can be both casual and formal!

  • San Says:

    Oh I love the shoes for my kids. Hard to choose just one but for my lil princess it will have to be those pretty Originals silver Mary Janes! Cute!

  • Carol Lim Says:

    Love the Flex Saturn Silver Royal Blue sneakers. Sportiness and futurist-look combination!

  • Robert Sim Chee Wei Says:

    The athletic-looking Delmar and Sahara sandals look just like what my active boys will love and can bring them places comfortably throughout the day.

  • Amie Chen Says:

    My favourite has to be the Flex – Neptune Silver/Raspberry Sneaker. I am sure my girl will like the comfort and colours of the shoes.

  • Cherie Says:

    My favourite pair is the Grip ‘n’ Go – Gehrig Grey Orange Sneaker. It’s simple and stylish,

  • Catherine Neo Says:

    My little girl only wear shoes that are comfortable and pretty looking. This Flex – Stella Pink Ballet Flat is such a pretty pink and best it’s like ballet shoes as she’s suddenly into watching shows with dancing and wearing ballet design clothes.

  • Serene Leow Says:

    I will like to win the Flex – Sadie Pink Mary Jane shoes as this is the only brand that fits her wide feet perfectly. :)

  • Lu Siu Ching Says:

    Pediped shoes is one of my few choices of shoes for my daughter.
    I like Flex – Evangeline Silver Mary Jane Shoe, as Mary Jane shoes are classic design and silver should be able to match most of her clothings.

  • Keith Says:

    My favourite is Flex – Gehrig Blue Grey Lime Sneaker. It is simple chic and shine; my boy will able to find his shoe easily ;)

  • sista Says:

    My fave is ballet flat. It’s v girlish and lovely especially for this kind of shoes model it’s very rare to have one that is comfortable.

  • Ker Min Says:

    Flex – Jane Black Mary Jane as my girl does not have any formal shoes. Would be good for 2 family members’ (yiyi’s and shu shu’s) wedding next year.

  • Xgg Chan Says:

    I think the Saturn Silver Royal Blue Sneaker looks cool. Never bought any shoes from this brand before due to the high cost but I think they must be great, very comfy, durable and worth the price.

  • Christina Says:

    My favorite shoe is Grip ‘n’ Go – Jax Taupe Sneaker because it is the perfect Christmas gift for my 13 months old boy transitioning from early walking into more confident steps.

  • Lorna Tan Says:

    Flex – Minnie Lilac Mary Jane, her favourite colour and skid resistant is a must for my missy Hyper :D

  • Phil Chan Says:

    Grip ‘n’ Go – Naples Navy Boat Shoe. Is stylish and comfortable for sure!

  • Meixin Says:

    I would love to have the Flex – Sahara Blue Sandals for my naughty one. He already has 2 pairs of Pediped but hey, who doesn’t mind more? ;)

  • Jaime Chan Says:

    I love to get Flex – Stella Pink Ballet Flat to replace her old pediped penny pink which my girl loves so much she wore it everywhere she went…

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