Dyson Pure Cool Purifier

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Gone are the days of the humble fan! Dyson’s Bladeless Tower fans are the latest home furnishings, that add the “Cool” dimension to your home.  With a Dyson Bladeless fan, one does not need to worry about injuries to young children. Instead, one gets powerful airflow, which is 60% quieter than the average fan! And with the Dyson Pure Cool, you get a air purifier as well! 🙂

Walking into a mall, all discerning home owners would have seen a Dyson bladeless fan. When the bladeless fans first hit the stores, I remember staring at it, and wondering how these fans worked.  Besides being “Space-like” in design, they offer great comfort to parents. No more worries about small fingers getting caught in the wired grooves of a electronic fan. With a hollow center, and the capacity to fulfill the role of the traditional counterparts, Dyson seemed to have struck a winning formula. This formula is further enhanced with a built in air purifier, where air is purified with a HEPA filter, to ensure that homes are filled with clean air.

dyson bladeless fan

Recently, we had the privilege of bringing one of these beauties home, and the opportunity to introduce Dyson, as one of our home comforts. As interest spiked to find out more about the workings behind the Dyson fan, we began to read about Dyson’s technology, and we were impressed.

A big feature of Dyson’s Bladeless fans is their Air Multiplier technology. With Air multiplier, air is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project smooth, powerful, high-velocity airflow. In other words, the air is not choppy, and smooth for all users. This smart engineering ensures 10% less power consumed, ensuring cost savings for the whole family.

To add to functionality of the Dyson Fan, our model is a Dyson Pure Cool Purifier. This means that it is an air purifier with a HEPA filter which removes 99.95% of harmful particles from the air.  This means that if we need to face the haze, the Dyson Pure Cool Purifier will be a real asset to your home.

dyson air purifier

Whenever we throw parties, friends may bring their toddlers to our home. The best feature of the Tower fan is that we no longer need to worry about the threat of fast spinning blades. With no grills, even the cleaning of our or tower fan is easy. Together with a small discreet remote control,  there is a timer option, where we can put the fan to sleep. and together with the ability to oscillate, Dyson has all the features that anyone can ask for.

bladeless tower fan

Right now, Our Dyson Pure Cool Purifier is sitting comfortably in our dining room, and we have no complaints about our new addition! 🙂

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(This post is sponsored by Dyson, but all opinions are 100% our own)

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