Dim Sum Dollies: The History of Singapore Part 2

One of the classic comedy acts in Singapore is the Dim Sum Dollies. Three extremely talented women coming together to perform music, dance and very witty lines that gives a light-hearted social commentary on life in Singapore. We’ve seen a couple of Dim Sum Dollies shows previously and knew we were in for a good time when we arrived for The History of Singapore Part 2.

dim sum dollies

My wife and I are history buffs so it’s always a treat to watch a satirical interpretation of what happened through the years. Part 1 was first staged in 2007, and Part 2 is essentially, a follow-up on Part 1. If you didn’t watch the first part, fret not, Part 2 did a quick recap, and you get totally caught up with the show!

dim sum malay

Visually, it was a feast to see bright and flamboyant costumes. (They were designed by award winning Frederick Lee, after all!) We saw flowers, animals, sportsmen, old aunties, rappers etc… and every costume was so detailed to bring out the style and personality of the character.

The lyrics in each song were so so good. We kept laughing (And so did those around us) at the very subtle jabs at key figures in society. Imagine singing “Lucki-LEE” during the chorus when it’s about the founders of modern Singapore!

Selena Tan, Pam Oei and Denise Tan were fabulous in engaging the audience. They were so natural in the many many accents they put on, and when they brought up familiar parts of history, we just roared in laughter even as many precious memories are triggered in our minds. We just kept on laughing when they played Important Asian Icons like Imelda Marcos and Indira Gandhi.

dim sum foreign talent

I am chuckling as I write this, and it’s best I stop soon. One act that I felt would be talked about much is the one on Foreign Talents in Singapore. You can close your eyes in this act, cos their accents, tone and language used is enough to get you in stitches. In fact, just listening to them try to pronounce “Sports Hub” was simply nerve-wrecking hilarious!!!

Do try to catch it as the run would end on 23 Dec 2014. If your parents speak English, bring them along. They would enjoy it for sure, as they relive those years in laughter.

The details for Dim Sum Dollies – The History of Singapore Part 2:

Venue: The Esplanade Theatre

Dates: Now till 23 Dec 2014 (Tues-Sun)

Tickets are available at SISTIC [http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/dimsum1214]


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