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Looking for a practical course for the kids during these school holidays?

How about sending the kids to Bike School?

bike school

Many of us learned to ride the bicycle via trial and error! In fact, I remember my friends bringing me to East Coast Park, and all of them just holding on the handle-bars, as I tried my best to peddle for my dear life! Smile

However, there is definitely a more efficient and safer way to learn how to ride!

If you are game, hop on down to Bike and let the professionals give you a helping hand!

first bike

Many of us think that the best way for the kids to learn, is to give the kids a 4-wheeler and let the kids ride to confidence. However, I was surprised to find out that this is the WRONG way, to teach your kids to ride.

Due to the additional wheels, when you ride a 4 wheeler,  your body is trained to react in the improper way, when you attempt to make a turn. With the 2 additional wheels, you actually lean in the opposite and WRONG direction. Instead, just like a GP motorcyclist, you are supposed to lean into the turn.

However, this problem diminishes when you learn to ride on peddle-less  bikes (Bicycles without peddles). Previously, we were given a “First Bike” by our friends, and we therefore have been using these peddle-less bicycles whenever possible. Frankly, the kids have been unloading the peddle-less bicycle from the boot, whenever they hit the shopping malls!  In fact, whenever we go to places like Changi Airport and Liang Court, the “First Bike”  has been used regularly by the kids.

The advantage of these peddle-less bikes is that they teach the kids how to balance, and as it is equipped with a hand brake, the kids learn how to brake properly as well.

The truth to be told, the most important ingredient in learning how to ride is – MASTER YOUR BALANCE!

Yes! If you master your balance, you are 90% there!  Using the pedals and peddling off is actually the last stage of riding a bicycle, and the easiest part of  the whole process.

Frankly, I did not know the importance of BALANCE, and when the kids were put on the starting blocks, I was ready for the kids to fall…

kids cycling collage

However, to my surprise, when the kids peddled off, they were CYCLING SUCCESSFULLY AT THE FIRST ATTEMPT!!! Yes! There were no cuts or bruises, and it looks like the time which they spent on the training bike was well worth it! Smile

kids cycling

But wait…their lesson did not stop there! To get their basics right and to make sure that the kids ride safely, one must also pick up other cycling skills.

After learning how to ride, the instructor quickly began to help the kids fine-tune their skills.

First off, the kids learned how to start and stop properly! Once achieving this, the kids were further taught how to pedal off and get into momentum.

Basic cyclying

moving bicycle

Next, they learned how to ride through various obstacles! With the help of small yellow cones, a little obstacle course was mapped out for them!

Obstacle course for kids

Like all boys, Nathan loved the challenge, and especially achieving the KPI’s before his sister! Smile

riding school

When he was further taught how to do “figures of 8” to fine tune his skills…he kept at his task, going up and down, trying to get everything right! Smile

kids love cycling

Final Verdict:

After the 2hour class, my kids are now strong bicycle converts! They really love cycling, and they can’t wait to get back to East Coast Park to cycle some more! Many thanks to Teacher Kenneth from Bike who made the lesson so fun and engaging!

kids bicycles

We definitely have no regrets about trying out the Class! Smile

If you are thinking of signing up for the beginner’s class, prices are starting at $240 for 2 lessons (Duration: 1.5hours)

Do visit Bike School’s website or Facebook Page for more details!

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