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Every Parent is always looking for ways to encourage the creativity in their children. How about nurturing that creativity through the tried and tested methods of writing and drama?

This June Holiday was extra special for Nicole as she got to experience the 5 day “Creative Chief” Series organized by Act 3 Theatrics. And the Good News is that she thoroughly enjoyed it! Smile

act3 experience

Through the 5 days, she was taught how to be aware of her surroundings, relax and project her voice, explore the mechanics of writing a great story, and make many friends! Smile (Up to now, she still does warm up exercises for her voice before she sings anything!)

Nicole loved to explore the creativity of writing in a team, and the 2 hours that she spent there. They exposed her to use her senses to feel and smell what’s around and put that into words. The end product was a script that was performed on finale day!

creative chief

act 3 theatrics

Under the instruction of Theatre Veterans like R Chandran and Amy Cheng, Nicole was encouraged to express herself without reservation. Nicole was entertained by their humour, and she found them a bundle of energy! Smile

At the end of the series, the Parents were invited for a farewell performance, where we were allowed to experience first hand what the kids have learned. Though we had to ferry Nicole to and fro during the 5 days, Nicole enjoyed herself, and she wants to be involved in the next instalment of the creative writing series!

creative chief series

My wife, the ex-English teacher is so so pleased with this course! The technical details about writing are taught without boring the kids, and the best part was, Nicole doesn’t even realise there was serious learning done in that 5 days! How we wish they have something similar for every academic subject in school!! creative chief class

If you are looking for a good holiday program for your kids, check them out during the upcoming November/December Holidays!

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