Farm Activities for Children in Singapore (Part 1)

Last Saturday, we went with a few friends to visit some farms in the Lim Chu Kang Area. Yes! The concrete jungle of SIngapore can still offer some farm activities for Children.

As we are pretty much “City Folks”, a visit to the farm is not just interesting for children but also for adults as well!


There is a public bus service called the “Kranji Express”, that takes u around the farms. However, the frequency is about 1.5 hours for the next bus to come along.

To overcome this problem, we hired a mini-bus that followed us throughout the day! It was also great fun for everyone of us to be in the same bus together!


The 1st farm that we went to was the goat farm!


Owning a farm is good money, as these are the cars of the owners…

nice cars

The goat farm tour was free and easy, and basically we walked around on our own to explore the place. We were not the only people there, and the visitors gallery was crowded with other families as well.


It was here that the kids saw the goats being “milked”. These days everything is mechanized!

goat farm

The goat farm has a “tourist” shop as well, as at the end of the day, we could buy fresh goats milk to sample for ourselves.


As we bought chocolate milk, the kids were willing candidates in sampling the milk.


When I asked for Nicole’s opinion about the fresh goat’s milk, this is her verdict:


Well, it seems that she does not like the taste of the milk! Too “Goaty!”

Overall, it is quite an interesting place to visit, especially for City Folks like us!

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