Baby School – Do i need to send my baby?

Many parents are opting to send their children to school from as young as 2 months to 18 months.

In school a teacher will flash white A4-size cards that bear simple words – “play”, “shoes” and “run” – while reading aloud. The school and the parents who send there children there, believe one is never too young to learn.
How much does it cost?
Fees range in Singapore from $1000 to $1,400 a month. Out of 20 infant schools interviewed by the press, almost all are full, and many have children on the waiting list. Talk about hot!
According to the parents, they are paying the fees due to anxiety about the Singapore Education system. As the school syallabus is getting touger, many parents feel that they have to prepare their children for formal school earlier than in the past.
What do the experts think?
An educational psychologist says that children are not ready for a “group setting” until they are 5 or 6. “Babies and toddlers are naturally self-centered. At such a young age, they cannot socialise yet.” Hence, the children would be better off staying at home and enjoying undivided attention from their parents.

Where do I stand?
I have succumbed to peer pressure and the “kia-su” syndrome. I sent Nic for enrichment class when she was 1 year old. School was 2 hours a week at Novena. I felt that it was a waste of time, as she does not remember anything today.
I sent her to school from mon to fri when she was 2 years old. I believe that school works better at this age, as the number of days she goes, does make a difference. If it is only once a week, don’t waste your time!
At the end of the day, I believe that balance is the key. Furthermore, nothing beats personal time with your baby! All they want is someone with them, as they explore this new world!

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