A Mummy’s insight into the Daddy world

The guest blogger is in again!

Recently, I was talking with 4-5 other mummies at work, and we came to the topic of Daddies. We were sharing about what it’s like with our toddlers now in school, and what it is like when Daddy goes to pick them up.

In no particular order, this was the conclusion.
Disclaimer: No names mentioned, so everything listed is factual, and not fictional.

1. Daddies really love their kids

One daddy was so excited to pick up his son, he carried him up, hugged and kissed him, took the son’s bag and left the school.

Back home, it was mummy who realised and asked, “WHERE ARE HIS SHOES???”

Of course they were still sitting nicely on the shoe rack in school! The teacher told the mummy later that, she did guess it would be a daddy who left them behind!

2. Daddies are only concerned that their kids are in one piece, nothing else matters

One daddy fetched his daughter to school. She was in a pretty dress. After school, daddy picked her up.

Back home, it was mummy who realised and asked, “WHY IS SHE IN PANTS NOW???”

They found out later that the dress was dirtied during some water play, and the teacher changed her.

3. Daddies know that they pick up their kids AND their bag when they go home

One daddy picked up two bags and brought both home.

One daddy brought the wrong bag home.

One daddy had no bag to bring home.

One daddy brought the bag home, but forgot the water bottle.

4. Daddies are very busy

Two daddies have forgotten to pick up their kids. But remembered in time to make a u-turn.

One daddy times his pick up right to the dot. The kid is usually last to leave the school.

Having said all that, we realised that’s what makes Daddies so special!

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