ED Unloaded Family is famous!

If you are taking the MRT during the moth of February, keep a lookout for the latest “Jewel Box” advertisement on the NEL line.

NEL train

Jewel Box is Singapore’s iconic destination for visitors to Mt Faber. Last year, the family went on a complimentary ride on the Cable Car to Sentosa, and this resulted in a special surprise for our Nathan!

His photo has been used for their latest advertisement campaign on the MRT (Can be seen only on trains on the North-East Line).

jewel box



I knew that they were going to use the photo, but I thought that my chances of catching the ad were a bit slim.

Can u imagine my surprise, when I was caught the advertisement, the moment I entered the train. I immediately took out my camera and started taking pictures….people must have thought that I was a tourist! 🙂

Anyway, I am looking forward to bring Nathan on the NEL train soon. Imagine his surprise, when he sees his photos plastered on the MRT cabin 🙂

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