Pre School Open House

Every year, my kids preschool organizes a tea session for us to meet the teachers, and also to update ourselves with what the children have learnt in school. My little girls attend Pat’s Schoolhouse and the Pre School Open House is an annual event for us.  Together with the Curriculum update, the kids are requested to put up a special performance for the parents, and we were very proud of our little princess, as we got to see her in Action!

Here are a few snapshots of her dancing together with her friends:

excited children

children collage

After the performance, Nadine played host to us, as she showed us around the school and played the many games that were prepared for us to demonstrate the skills that she has picked up.

fun with words

kids reading

school performance

We had so much fun looking at what Nadine has been up to in school and the many pictures of the children at play was definitely uplifting. Many Thanks to the teachers at Pre School for looking after her and making sure that she is well looked after! Smile

If you are interested, you might want to take a look at our little Nadine in action by clicking on the videos below:

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