Pram Jogger: Baby falls onto train tracks

I saw a really scary video today.

CNN reported this incident in Melbourne Australia, where a lady had her baby fall onto the train tracks, right in front of an approaching train!

Well, it seems that the brakes on the pram were not engaged, and this therefore created the problem of the stroller rolling off the platform.

Thankfully, the baby survived!

I thought this video was really alarming, considering the fact that Singapore has recently seen an increase in the number of people falling or “jumping” onto the tracks.

After watching the video, I don’t really know what I would have done I was there, or worse….If I was the parent.

Who would have thought that….just one moment of adjusting your pants, would have such consequences! This is just one those “freak” accidents where a moment of carelessness will change your life forever.

I guess its true – “Details do determine your destiny!”

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