I am a Princess!

Recently, the children made me laugh again! And the subject matter is about being a Princess! Her boldness and confidence in proclaiming that “I am a Princess!” brought smiles to all our faces.

To elaborate, as responsible parents, we always try to instill positive thinking into our kids, and we are always speaking positively into their lives!

We are tell them that “You are the Smartest!”, “You are the BEST kids in the world” and that “Daddy and Mummy loves You!”

And Yes…We also let them know that they are “Princes” and “Princesses”, and they hear such praises and affirmations regularly.

Not too long ago, we bought a Magic Wand, as it was on sale at one of the department stalls.

When you press the button on the Magic Wand, it emits out a melodic tune of “Dring”….Ya…Just like the tune, when the Fairy God-Mother cast her spells!


Well, the kids started playing with the Magic Wand, and Nathan in his role play, started using the Magic Wand like a Fairy God-Mother.

He went to Nicole…Pressed the Button…”Dring”…and he said:

“I make you a Princess”

Nicole went…

“I am already a Princess…Make me a more BEAUTIFUL Princess!”

Daddy and Mummy laughed…She is definitely one confident girl! 🙂

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