Straight No Chaser

Christmas is just round the corner, and everyone is getting into the holiday mood. We had one of our Christmas CG meetings last night, and we hunted high and low for our Xmas Carols. We are also on the lookout for good renditions of Christmas Carols. Straight No Chaser is the current flavor of the season! 🙂

Straight No chaser is  this 10 men accapella (Singing without instruments) group, which I stumbled upon last year. Straight No Chaser, is really hot and they are a Youtube Sensation in 2007, with over 1 million hits!

Here’s a video of 1 of their songs:

Cool Right! It all started when they were going to have a class reunion, and they posted some old videos of themselves singing in college. People liked it so much, that it became a hit on Youtube!

This just shows the power of the Internet and mass media!

Straight No Chaser just launched a Christmas Album, and it seems to be the perfect CD for this Christmas. I went to the shops at the Suntec Area and I was disappointed, as they did not carry the CD at all.

I was thinking of ordering a copy from the States. Only thing is that, it will only arrive after Xmas! (Who will be in the mood to listen to carols after Xmas)

I made a call to HMV and they happened to have a few copies. That’s great news, as it means that I can save on my postage and shipping! Yaah!

Looks like for the next few days, I will be getting into the Xmas mood even more…as I listen to my new CD 🙂

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