Stanley Market

One of the highlights of Hong Kong for a family vacation is Stanley Market, located in a fishing village near Repulse Bay.

We were persuaded to visit this market by two of our friends—Jane & Celeste. I was quite convinced to go UNTIL I went to google it. Oh my! The description for this place!

Tourist Trap, Your English name in Chinese calligraphy, Linen tablecloth, Chinese embroidery…


It sure didn’t look like an attractive place. And it didn’t help that when I checked a few travel blogs, and NO ONE mentioned Stanley Market!

But Jane & Celeste were very convincing. They claim it is super worth it. You will leave with BAGS of shopping for the kids. One of their colleagues bought enough clothes for her daughter from birth to 5 yrs old! WAH!!! Now, how can I resist that??


So on that rainy Sunday, we took Express Bus 260 from Exchange Square. It was a 20 min ride, towards the coast. The bus ride was comfortable and pleasant. Not a problem at all even with a drowsy Nathan and hyper Nicole.



When we arrived, it was a sight to behold. Lots of little shops clustered together , and our eyes zoomed in on the first shop that sold kids clothes. We walked briskly towards it. And woah! Next to it, was a shop selling Thomas the Train bags! And Hello Kitty! And Dora!

Then further down, another shop with Guess blouses, Juicy Couture tops. And round the corner… it was an endless row of little shops selling jeans, tees, jackets, socks, shoes, hats, dresses, bags, bibs… the list goes on. We didn’t know where to start!

Tips for Parents:

This is a haven for CHEAP CHILDREN’s CLOTHING! So, if u have children, you will have to go…and really buy for your children


And everything costs S$5-S$20! What a steal! The clothes were probably a season behind, but who cares! They look great and they were cheap!

It was so good we went separate ways. Daddy with Nathan, mummy with Nicole. Then we met, and we exchanged partners. It was truly a exciting shopping experience for all of us!

This is DEFINITELY a must-go for all Parents visiting Hong Kong!

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