Disneyland in Hong Kong

One of the highlights about going to Hong Kong is that I get to go to Disneyland.

So the trip to Disneyland was something that I was looking forward to!

If you are wondering whether Hong Kong is child friendly – let me reiterate again that it is NOT!

However, Disneyland is the most child friendly place on this island.

First of all, going to Disneyland is actually quite easy, as it is accessible via their subway (MTR).

mtr_map hk

In fact, you will know immediately that u are on the right train, as this is a special Disney Train!





Its handrails and windows are decorated Disney Style, and the whole cabin is also decorated according to the Disney theme.

If u ask me…they  start psyching you up for a magical experience, right from the start.

Arriving at the station, we were welcomed by the Disney Fountain and many Kodak moments.

DSC_0162 I was going crazy with my camera…Unfortunately not everyone on my crew was ready to be a model at this particular moment…:)




Tickets to the Park are priced at $350 HK dollar (Approx Sing $70) for an adult and $250 HK dollar (Sing $50) for children aged 3 to 12.

It is definitely a bit pricey, but things are never cheap when u go on a holiday!

As we entered the park , we were brought into Main Street USA and the iconic Disneyland Castle.



Disneyland HK

Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest of all of Disney’s theme parks and it has only 3 “Lands” for us to visit (A normal park has 5).

We headed off to “Adventureland” first, where we were going to travel to the Amazon Jungle, to discover the perils of living in a primitive jungle.


As we entered “Adventureland”, one of the Amazing things that we saw was a “cleaner”. In fact, we thought that he was just doing his job and clearing the rubbish.



When we took a closer look, we realized that the “Cleaner” was actually an “Artist”.



This is his finished work!



Wow! Isn’t that Amazing! If u give me a broom and a bucket of water, I will give u “Abstract Art”….We clapped for the ‘cleaner’ when he finished drawing…and he smiled! I think we made his day!

Next up was the “Jungle River Cruise”


disneyland collage

Basically, the boat brought us along the Amazon jungle, and we encountered mechanical elephants, monkeys, hippos and flesh-eating piranas.

However, the children found one part of the ride really scary, and that when when the boat got “trapped”  in the river and we faced volcano fire and a man-made waterfall! In fact, the children from every part of the boat started crying!


Don’t worry…it is not that scary!

How was the ride?

It was nothing to shout about! Just something that u must do, when you go on vacation! Nicole did not like it due to the excitement of the fire and the waterfall…Don’t think she wants to go for another round!

The best part about every “land” is that they have a show. “Adventure land” was featuring “The Lion King”.



Based on the movie and the musical, we were in for a treat!

The cast that was singing and dancing were as good as the one found in the musical, and we enjoyed listening to the songs and the dance presented to us!





My Verdict of Adventure land

Watching the performance “The Lion King” is a MUST! It is a shortened presentation of the musical and u will thoroughly enjoy the music and the songs. It is good enough to entertain children and adults!

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