Primary School Science Experiments (Giveaway)

Learning about science kinaesthetically makes the whole process fun! To help kids love learning, conducting Primary School Science Experiments helps students enjoy school and enjoy their learning journey. Can we bring the Science lab into our homes and conduct our own Primary School Science Experiments? With Gakken’s science kits, the HDB home Science lab is now possible!

Introducing Science kits from Gakken! These science kits will bring science to life and help them develop a love for the subject.

Recently, we managed to get our hands onto the one of Gakken’s science kits entitled the “3 color LED light”. Through play, kids with this science kit can understand the nature of light.  Coming in a colorful box with detailed assembly instructions, my son remarked that it is just like Lego as, the torch comes with a detailed instruction sheet!

Check out the kids as they study the instruction sheet intensively! 

The “3 Color LED light” kit allows one to build a torch like gadget which allows one to explore the power of light. Through the kit, kids can understand about Primary Colors and how one can manipulate light.

Together with the detailed instruction sheet and assistance from Daddy, Nathan was able to assemble the light easily (Besides science, Kit assembly fine-tunes their motor skills and teaches them to be agile with their hands).  

Check out Nathan’s sense of pride as he poses proudly with his finished product! Naturally, as assembly is required and there are small parts involved, this module is not recommended for toddlers and best for kids 8 years and older.

If you are new to Gakken and wondering about their history, Gakken is from Japan and it’s history started in 1946, as part of Japan’s post-war nation-building efforts. The idea was to rebuild Japan starting from educating the young. The present range of Gakken products have sold more than 6.7 million copies in Japan, and is based on 60 years of Science and Learning.

Based on classic Science themes, children will be able to experiment and understand the science concepts behind the science kits and basically have fun at the same time.

Gakken Science kits are constructed with the purposes of:
• Promoting curiosity, creative thinking, and learning while having lots of fun
• Adopting the concept of kinaesthetic hands-on learning
• Building the foundation of science learning at a young age

If your kids love to explore like a chemist, Gakken has got kits that help develop curiosity in this area as well.  Check out their Vitamin C kit. 

Through the use of fruits, vitamin C powder,syringes and test tubes, kids can discover the amount of vitamin C contained in food products.  With such functional science kits that focus on various topics such as colors, air and telescopes, all kids will love to get their hands on their Science products.  

You can check out Gakken’s products on their website, or you can even find their products at your nearest Popular bookstore or buy them from the Thinkasaur website and get a 5% discount.  (U.P $25.90).

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These Gakken products will definitely make great Christmas toys for your friends and kids.
And Yes! We have a Giveaway for our readers , where 3 readers will walk away with 1 Gakken kit each.

All one needs to do is to:

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The Giveaway ends 26 Nov 2017 at 2359 hrs.

(Editor’s decision on Winners are final, and Facebook accounts used solely for Giveaways will NOT be entertained. All incomplete entries will also automatically be disqualified The management reserves all rights to amend or change the terms & conditions of this promotion without prior notice. Final decisions will be made by Ed  

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