Art Classes for kids

Remember my previous post about activities for the September School Holidays?

Well, we finally found the time to go for the holiday program at WoW Art Studio, and we had a blast! Smile

For the 6yo Nicole, she went for the French Impressionism Class and she was taught to paint ‘”Water Lilies” by Monet.

water lilies

childrens art collage

The thing about modern art classes these days is that, they don’t just leave you to draw fruits. The classes are semi-guided, and with the teachers guiding the kids in doing the background, the kids produce a very decent piece of work, even though they might not be a Picasso.

This works for me as an adult, as I am terrible at my art, and I even had a chance to produce some “presentable” pieces of art, even though I am really bad in this area. Check out my “Stick Man” playing soccer!


Besides the 6yos having fun, my 3yo and 4yo kids also had great fun getting their hands dirty, and expressing themselves creatively.

play dough

art for kds

As you can see, the kids had great fun! The kids will be going for more classes at Wow Art soon…will definitely “show off” their creations Smile

Details about the Art Studio Below:

#01-10 Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore 574424
Telephone: +65 6352 2221

WowART Learning Studio Facebook Page:

WowART Corporate Site:

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