September Holiday Program

Looking for something fun to do this September School Holidays?  How about getting your kids to learn some Art and Craft?

As a result of previous collaborations with WoW Art Studio,  the kids had the chance to become “Little Picassos” at the Studio.  This is especially remarkable as Daddy and Mummy are known to have failed their Art Classes Smile

This September, kids from 4-12 years old can learn to paint like Monet or creating their own stories visually through a Clay book. To complete a project, kids will simply need to purchase Holiday Workshop Passes (Each pass costs approx $38). The various course offered require different number of Holiday Passes (dependant one the scope of work done and time taken).

For kids 4yo and below (1 Holiday Pass):

The workshop is specially designed for the younger children to keep their hands filled and yet enjoy doing art. This workshop has the most variety of medium and artworks for them to choose from.

For kids 4yo – 12yo

monet collage

Canvas workshop (2  Holiday Workshop Passes)
In this workshop, it would focus on 2 Impressionist artists, named Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. As most children are familiar with Picasso and Van Gogh, this is good exposure to other great artists.

little miss muffet

Claybook  (6 Holiday Workshop Passes & requires 3 days to be completed)
The claybook allows children to unleash the writer in them. Children are able to tweak, edit or rearrange their bedtime stories and are able to make their characters from clay. This 3 day workshop is sure to keep the child entertained and allows room for them to be creative.

The pieces of Artwork certainly look very interesting, and I am deciding which classes to send the kids for…(Will let everyone know which class later on)

To find out more about the workshops, Contact WoW Art Studio or click on the link for more details. Early Birds get a 5% discount (Before 30 August)

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