Wow Art Studio

Have you heard of WOW Art Studio?

nic at wow art

Just opened last month, this new Art Studio at Thomson Road is proving to be a really fun and creative place to bring your kids.

Recently, the whole family was invited by Wow Art to have a trial class at their premises. We were not alone, as many of our Blogging Friends such as Klessis, Sandra, Dawn and Daphne, were there as well!

It was like a gathering of old friends and we were ready to enjoy ourselves! 🙂

We were spilt into 2 groups: The parents in one Class and the kids in another.

childrens room

The kids took a bit of a time to settle down, but soon…they got comfortable and ready to go!


nicole at wow art

The best part about going for this Art Class is that the parents had their own time to have some fun as well.

So instead of Changing Diapers, or Fiddling with my Camera…we were hard at work in the parents’ room!

adults room It was great fun being treated like VIPs and the Principal of the School (Nancy) was there to teach us!

Here’s a picture of our lovely host explaining to us!


As adults, we are very much conditioned in our thinking. We were give black clay to work with to help us think “Out of the box”.


Black clay will help an individual work without any constraints (no colours to think about) and to make it harder – we were not given a topic or a theme as well…Our minds were going crazy… It was TOUGH!

I was going “what can I do with this clay?” Do they know that I am…


Well…Are you ready…this is ED Unloaded at his “abstract” best…

art work

All I could do, was to make an Art Piece with a “Stick Man”, a “Soccer Ball” and a “Flower” by the side (P.S – I blurred out the flower, as the Parents commented that it looked like a Mushroom…)

Although we got our hands dirty, it was certainly fun to get our creative juices working! …and we were even more excited to see the kid’s art work…(As Daddy and Mummy did not help them with it at all!)

This parallel exercise of parents doing exactly the same thing as the kids in a separate room was a brilliant idea! We realised it ain’t that easy, and it certainly is very fun when there’s no one correcting us!

Generally, the adults produced work that was more definite: There were stick men, soccer balls, and wordings….while the kids just allowed their creativity to flow…and did many new shapes and forms. It was certainly an interesting exercise!

Here’s a picture of all the Art work of the day, lined up for comparison.

art display

wow art cover

Before we left, all the Parents and Kids took a group shot with our host!

wow studio

If you are looking for a school to stimulate your child’s creativity, you can try out one of the lessons at the school.

family photo

The kids are still talking about it…and they have been asking Mummy to bring them back again…:)

wow art studio

WOW Art Studio

Location: 200 Upper Thomson Road #01-10 Thomson Imperial Court (Opposite Longhouse)

Phone: 6352-2221

You can also visit their Facebook Page at:

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