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Recently, I was invited by Sandra to a Bloggers Event at Art Bug.

art bug

I am not much of an Artist or an Art Critic, but just like any ordinary parent, I am always looking for ways to expose my kids to some creative elements.

Located at Waterloo Street, Art Bug is definitely different from Wow Art Studio. Looking at the courses offered on their websites, one can definitely make that same judgement.

children at art bug

While Wow Art Studio just specializes in children, Art Bug offers courses for adults and children alike. They remind me a bit of Objectifs, as they even offered Photography Classes.

For a Art Dummy like myself, Art Bug seems a bit too abstract for me, as they expected me to just sit there and draw. This was definitely very difficult for moi, as I am just used to drawing stick men. However, if you have an artistic eye/hand, Art Bug might just be right up your alley.

artwork at artbug

Sandra and myself were starving for instruction, and we were overjoyed when our instructor came along to save us! Smile …Ya..That’s here in the centre photo helping me with my hamburger. From a personal perspective, I felt that I was definitely more guided at Wow Art as compared to Art Bug

This method of instruction seems to be similar for both Adults and Children alike, as my kids who were at Art Bug, were given liberty to doodle and express themselves.  In fact, they thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty!

kids enjoying art

Wow Art Studio does have the similar tactile experience, but their art classes offered more guidance in terms of instruction. I think it is this form of instruction which ensures that the kids are able to produce a great piece of art at almost every lesson. Therefore, depending on what objectives you have in mind, both schools offer 2 different schools of thought.

Ultimately, all 3 kids had great fun, and I think that is the basic objective of Art! Just to let yourself go and express yourself on a piece of canvas! Smile

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