Kid’s Laser Tag Party at The Polliwogs

February is an important milestone for the family, as it is Nathan’s Birthday. Parties are a BIG thing in every child’s life, and this year was going to prove to be another “BIGGIE” for our little Man. This year’s theme was going to be “Laser Tag”! Daddy used to play Laser Tag every weekend, when he was studying in Perth, and it was kind of our weekly routine in the midst of our busy studies. When Daddy realized that the Polliwogs was offering their own variation of the game, we immediately jumped onto the laser Bandwagon.

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The Polliwogs is one of the Premier Children’s Playgrounds in Singapore. Custom built to encourage Parent and Child bonding through play, The Polliwogs offers a safe environment for the kids to develop their physical coordination through fun and play. With padded obstacles, slides, ball pools  and other child-friendly features, each Polliwogs venue offers hours of fun for the kids. Coupled with air-conditioned comfort and a cafe for the adults, The Polliwogs is a “little heaven” for every Parent.

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One of the Best things about The Polliwogs, is that every outlet is a great venue for Kid’s Parties. The East Coast Park Premises offers Party rooms to accommodate the various family sizes. With lots of kid’s friendly furniture and fun loving staff, they will help all the kids settle down, and get into the PARTY mood.

The Laser Tag party is one of the many Party themes which The Polliwog offers. If your kids are game, they can also explore other themes like the Tropical Paradise Hula Party, Junior Chef Party or a Princess Party for the Girls! With the Laser Tag Party option, the kids get FREE Reign around the whole Polliwogs Maze. The cool thing about laser tag, is that the whole Polliwogs outlet will only be open to your family and friends! Smile 

laser tag kids

laser tag team

To keep the game simple for the kids, children will start with a briefing by the Game-masters from Tag Team Inc., The Polliwogs’ preferred laser tag specialist. They will keep the kids informed about the rules and most importantly, how to get their guns recharged after they are killed. There is NO Body armour in the kid’s edition of laser tag, and basically you just go out and kill each other by shooting your opponents gun.

laser tag

daddies laser tag

Through the game, kids will learn about teamwork and most importantly “sweat” it out. The game is really tiring as they will need to run around the obstacle course and hide from each other within the confines of the Polliwogs maze. The kids really enjoyed themselves, and even the Daddies joined in as well! What can I say…but Boys love their guns!!! (Regardless of their age)

How fun is Laser Tag for Kids?

The feedback that we got from the game was fantastic. The kids kept on telling their Parents that it was Totally Awesome and one of our friend’s kids was even dreaming about the party in his sleep. They totally want to do it again! Smile

kids attack

Best of all, the game is a SUPER INSANE WORKOUT! The kids got an hour of running around in the maze, and they came back fully drenched. Even after that, the kids are allowed to run about in the maze before and after the party. It is therefore not surprising that when the kids went home, they all slept like babies! This “Sleep peacefully” scenario was repeated in all our friends homes! Isn’t that the BEST Birthday Present that every Parent desires! Smile If only we can have this peace every day! Smile

childrens birthday

The whole Laser Tag experience was really COOL, and we give it a Big Thumbs Up!  To find out more about the Laser Tag Party, do check out at The Polliwogs!

Many thanks to the people from The Polliwogs and Tag Team Inc. who sponsored the Party.

For other types of Laser Tag Parties, we have also explored Outdoor Laser Tag and Laser Tags with Obstacles.


And Yes!  We have a GIVEAWAY for all our Readers!

We are giving out 5 Unlimited Play Passes to The Polliwogs At East Coast Only. Kids will get to enter the playground and have unlimited hours of fun at the East Coast Outlet. Passes will be valid up to 31 March 2014, and is not valid on School Holidays and Public Holidays.

To be chosen as 1 of the 5 Winners, all you need to do is:

1. Comment on this blog post, and tell us who conducted the Laser Tag Game?

2. Join and LIKE the The Polliwogs Facebook Page and  ED Unloaded Facebook Page

3. Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall with the Caption “I wanna go to the Polliwogs” (Do ensure that you TAG me in as well, so that I know that you have done it.)  Editors decision on Winners are final.

(Closing Date: 2 March 2014, 2359hrs)


The Giveaway is finally over, and here are the Results:

The 5 Winners are:

1) Cherie

2) Cate Lee

3) Karuna Chua

4) Grace Seow

5) Jolin

Congratulations once again, and I will be contacting you via email about the collection of your prizes. There are more Giveaways coming up, so stay tuned! Smile

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