5 things that Dad can teach your kids!

June has been a busy month for us! With the School holidays, and  \our work together with Club Med, Majestic Hotel and the Ritz Carlton, it has been a whirlwind holiday.

mother n baby

However, we are also delighted our new collaboration with Mother and Baby, and our upcoming articles with this Parenting Magazine. In the Month of June, we had one of our articles featured in the issue, and we are glad to share the limelight together with some of our friends as well.

mother n baby

Basically, the articles covers issues like how Men and Women are different, and it is precisely due to our differences, that makes Daddies and Mummies the best combinations!


Here is the full article  on the Top 5 things my child must from me (because Mummy doesn’t know how! Smile

Just like our kids are different, so are Daddies and Mummies! Girlfriends and wives just love the latest Romantic Flick, while Daddies seem to love the explosions, explosions and more explosions. Sounds familiar? Fast forward to your first kid, and you will realize that these genetic differences are still there.

Just recently, my mother-in-law and wife were raising a ruckus when the kids were climbing on the furniture. Instead of walking along the normal passageway to their rooms, my kids went “off the beaten trek”. This means that they made a jump, hop and leap off the sofa!  The women were making a fuss about the leap, while Daddy’s eyes were glued to the Soccer Match on the telly. When they asked me, “Did you see that leap?” ,I just smiled. Men and Women are just different!

Realizing these differences, my family has sort of compartmentalized certain activities which Daddy must take the lead and here a quick list of 5 things which Mummy expects Daddy to teach the kids:

1) Outdoor Sports: Unless your wife is a former Outward Bound Instructor or a GI Jane, Daddies should be better suited for sports like kayaking and cycling. If your husband is not, please register your complaint with the Singapore Army. Personally, my wife seems to enjoy retail and nail therapy more than the outdoors, Daddy is the one who must suggest the hike to Macritchie reservoir or an afternoon at East Coast Park.

2) The DIY Man: Most Singapore guys are not too fantastic in this area, and I am one of those guys. I think it might be due to the fact that we spent too much time at the Tuition Centre while growing up. This is so unlike our Western Counterparts, who grew up watching their Dads in the garage. Despite this, my wife expects me to take the lead in this area, and to educate the kids about the DIY jobs as well. Therefore, when it comes to changing the light bulbs, repairing locks, knocking in nails, I am the MAN.

3) Technology: Every boy loves Video Games. In fact, I used to think that the “Sega 64”, was the best thing since sliced bread. It is against this background, where guys seem to have a better aptitude towards computers, servers and even cables. In that light, Daddy is the one who seems to be the one who tells Junior what is a HDMI cable. When Mummy is asked technical questions, the familiar “Go ask Daddy!” remark arises.


4) Trains, Planes and Automobiles: When my son started playing with his Thomas Train Set. Mummy said, “Can you teach your son, how to play with the train…must he make those Choo-Choo sounds?” Daddy is aghast in amazement and says, “That is the way we boys play!” Daddy is expected to be the one to bring the kids to the Singapore Air Show and Car show and Train Sets.


5) Maths and Science: My friends tell me that guys are generally more inclined towards these subjects, and therefore they are expected to be the default tuition teachers in these subjects. Although, in my family, we both have an Arts Background and are therefore not perfectly suited for these subjects. As a guy, Daddy is expected to rise up to the occasion in this subject matter, although I must admit that I may not have been so faithful in this area! J


Guys and gals are certainly different. Although variations to the list may arise, I think we both can all agree that all parents have different strengths and weakness. I believe that in each combination, both parties need to play a part. Absentee Parents don’t make great team players. And that is why they always say, “Two is better than one!”

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