Secret Societies

Heard something really interesting from my friend in school today. He was telling me about life at Yale University and their SECRET SOCIETIES!


It seems that Universities like Yale have secret societies, where members pledge blind allegiance to each other. Singaporeans have definitely heard of local gangs like “369” or “Ang Soon Tong”, but it seems that Yale has societies that involve the “Upper Class” in society.

Members of this society involve famous people like George Bush, George W. Bush, 2004 Presidential Opponent – Senator John Kerry and Harold Stanley (Co-founder of Morgan Stanley).

skulls and bones collage

The best thing about the society is that once you graduate, society members will help each other get a job, and their objective is to help each other reach the upper echelons of society.

My contact in school, told me that his friend from Yale, was even given the phone number of the Vice President of the United States, The number would serve as a help-line for her, when she graduates from the University. So if she can’t find a job, she could give the Vice President a call!

This fraternity definitely puts the Premier Institutions like ACS and Raffles Institution to shame…

How do you join Skulls and Bones?

Each year only 15 junior students from Yale University are chosen or “tapped”  to join the society. Skull and Bones traditionally “tapped” those that it viewed as campus leaders and other notable figures for its membership. So, if you are a “nobody” in campus, do not even think about joining them!

Check out the interesting videos below:

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