NDP 2010 – Fun Tote Bags

Every year, at the National Day Parade, you will see every attendee carrying a Fun Tote Bag containing various goodies.

I have never been a fan of the Tote Bags, as I have thought of them as similar to the bags given out by Travel Agencies when I was young…

However, this year…I was pleasantly surprised by the Fun Tote Bags for this year’s NDP.

There are a total of 7 different designs, and all contributed by local designers…


Putting on a fun mindset, the designers sought to create designs that will be used by Singaporeans after the parade. The Chairman of the Fun Tote Committee, Col (NS) William Chua said, “We want a bag that is designed by Singaporeans for Singaporeans and it will be a bag that we are proud of” .


I must say that the designs are really COOL…and I don’t mind carrying these bags at all!

Of the 7 designs, this is my personal favourite!


In fact I have already starting using it already…It makes a great diaper bag, as not only is it made of recyclable material but it is well-sized to do that job! In fact, it is also the right size to throw in your notebook and your school books! Very useful for all ages!

Here is also a sneak peak at the items that you will find inside…


In fact, all the “National Day Essentials” such as the packet drinks, biscuits and Koko Krunch are put into a “Bento Box” design, which makes carrying the materials convenient, and packed into a classy casing. Ingenious! 🙂



There is even a game to entertain the older kids, as they wait in the hot sun for the parade to start. This is definitely more child friendly as compared to the previous years.

Parenting Tip:

And if you are attending the Parade this year, don’t forget to hold on to the Discount Booklet. Coupons include 50% off the Night Safari and the Singapore Bird Park, 15% discount at Popular Bookstore and other food vouchers 🙂

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