Kids make u laugh!

My kids really make me laugh!

Firstly, he has been sharing his revelations about Fashion. My little “Fashionista” was going to go cycling with the whole family.

He exclaimed that he was going to change into his “Armpit Shirt”!

armpit boy

The noun Singlet, seems to have escaped his vocabulary. Yes! And that is a picture of my Armpit boy in action! Showing off the virtues of his unrestricting singlet Smile

2) I was also surprised to see him activate his healthy dose of imagination at school. Even though the exercise was guided, I was surprised by his “Out of the Box” answers.

Pre School work

kids talk

In case you find it hard to figure out the Doctor’s prescription (His horrible handwriting), he says…”Instead of the 3 little pigs, how about 3 little Mice!”

“Instead of Houses made of straw, sticks, bricks, He suggests houses made of  “Paper, Bubble (sic.) and School (Sorry, I think he means SCREWS)

Instead of having the Wolf, Nathan suggests that “The Dragon came!”

I thought that it was quite an interesting twist to the story, and hopefully I will get to see more of that creativity come out in his future endeavours! Smile

cheeky boy

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