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Last night, I learnt what sacrifice meant. It was a lesson I’ll never forget! Teaching our children to give and share is an important parenting agenda. We are always praying and hoping for the kids to learn to give, and getting our boy to share is something that we want to see.

Recently, I was driving home from Expo and my boy Nathan was beside me. Before I left the car park, I opened a small packet of Hello Panda for him to snack on. If you recall, this was one of Nicole’s favorite food, and now it’s Nathan’s too!


Well, I decided that we should share that little packet of Hello Panda (I mean, who can resist this? haha…) So when he dug his little chubby fingers into the packet and came up with the first piece, I stretched out my hand and ask, “Can Mummy have one please?”

It was easy. He automatically gave me that piece.

As an aside, Nathan has always displayed a very giving heart in all things. He shares his toys, his food and never thinks twice before giving.

Well, so we kinda did an alternate one piece for me, one piece for you from then on. Then came the LAST PIECE. I was driving, so with my eyes on the road, he suddenly proclaimed, “No More!”

I realised there’s just one last piece left in his hand. Then this mummy wanted to test his little boy’s heart, so I said, “Can Mummy have this please?”

“Nonononono” (giggle giggle)

And when he attempted to put it in his mouth, I opened my mouth and went “Ahhhrrrmmm”.

“Nonononono” (giggle giggle)

I tried stretching out one hand, and he turned the empty packet into my hands and said “no more no more” (giggle giggle)

It was quite funny. I knew he wanted this last piece, and here I was making it difficult for him to eat it with all my distractions and requests.

After a while, I got tired. So I stopped, and started asking him about what he learnt in Playgroup. I forgot all about that last piece.

Just before I exited at Bedok Road, I felt a hand tap my elbow. I took a quick glance. It was Nathan giving that last piece of Hello Panda to me! He put it into my hand and said “here memek” (ya, he calls me that!)

Imagine how I felt! I was sooooo touched! With tears in my eyes literally, I put it back in his hand. I poured out my thank yous and i love yous.

He popped it into his mouth (who wouldn’t? Just in case mummy changes her mind!) And very quickly exclaimed, “hmmmm… nice!”

How not to love this boy who shares?


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