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4yo phone

On my way home just now, Nicole started to look around for my mobile in the car. I thought it was a good time to tell her that when I was growing up, there were no mobile phones.

And that started the Generation Gap

Me: You know, when mummy was growing up, all the telephones were fixed in the house, or in the office. We couldn’t bring them out.

old phone

Nicole: HUH? Why?!?

Me: erm.. because the people were not so clever last time. They didn’t know how to invent such phones. So there are no phones in the car, and you can’t bring them everywhere you go.

Nicole: HUH? <pause> What happens if you want to use the phone when you are in the car?

Me: You have to stop the car by the road side, look for a phone by the road, put in a coin…

Orange Coin phone

Nicole: oh…

That kinda got me going, so I started telling her about what life was like then…

Me: And, long ago, there were no air-con.

Nicole: THEN?

Me: It was so hot. We had to use fans only. No one had air-con

Nicole: Then do the people know how to spell AIR-CON?

Me: ?!?!?!

Me: When mummy was growing up, our TV was black and white.

Nicole: What is that?

black and white tv

Me: Everything on TV was black & white. There was no colour. So Dora was black & white, Strawberry Shortcake was black & white, and Barbie was black & white.

Nicole: HUH? <giggle giggle>

Me: During Popo’s time, there was NO TV at all!

Nicole: HUH? So boring! Then what do they do?

Me: They played games like hopscotch…


Nicole: Ohhh… they played on their PSP?

Me: ?!?!?!!

We went on for a while chatting about how long ago there were no cars, people walked to school or to work. And if it was really far, they took horses. (I know, I know, my ‘long ago’ time frame was rather fluid… I just wanted her to realize how blessed she was)

Well, we got home. The conversation stopped for a while. As we were getting ready for bed, she asked the final question for the night:

Nicole: Mummy, long ago, did you have food???

buffet spread

How’s that for successfully bringing across how blessed she was? Haha! I think her mind must be filled with horror thoughts of the past—no TV, no PSP, no cars, no air-con and even no food! smile_tongue

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