Fun activities for the Family

One of our favourite family activities is cycling at East Coast Park.

Despite our busy schedules, we always make time off for the kids – and the kids just love being chauffeured around East Coast Park.


Daddy loves it as well, as it is good exercise, and I find it a great time to bond with the kids – as I just keep on talking to them, as I give a running commentary about the scenery around me!


This time round – Weng came along with us, so we had 1 kid in 1 bicycle.

Nathan loves it, and he kept on urging Auntie Weng to Go..Go..Go!


We cycled to Bedok Jetty and where Nicole saw fishermen catching fishes!

Miss Nicole made some interesting observations:

Nicole: Mummy, what are they doing?

Mummy: They’re fishing. They catch the fish, bring it home, cook and eat it!

Nicole: But they can buy fish from the supermarket!

After a short pause…

Nicole: Mummy, are they fishing because they have no money?

Anyway, it was a great workout for the family, and the kids really enjoyed themselves!


Being a weekday as well – the park was relatively quiet, and this made things easier for novice cyclists like ourselves!

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