Bring back the Kampong Spirit

Growing up, we will always hear our elders talking about the Kampong Spirit. When our parents observe the “happenings” in today’s neighborhood, they always sigh and comment about the good ‘o’ days. They are quick to point out that, there was a time, when their doors were always open, and when children would run free in the neighborhood, having lots of playmates, guppies and “lonkangs”  to occupy their time. Wouldn’t it be great to bring back the Kampong Spirit to today’s neighborhood?

With this thought in mind, we decided to do something different in my Mum’s neighborhood. Why not throw a “block party” and get all the neighbors to come downstairs for a good old fashioned Pot Luck? Not only will we get to meet our neighbors, but we will also get to sample different food from many different families. We talked to POSB, our neighborhood banker, who was ready to back us up with the project! 🙂

Before we set off, we decided that this was going to be a family bonding project. That means, that we wanted all 3 generations to come together, to make this Kampong project a reality. After pitching the idea to our ever-enthusiastic mum and getting her onboard, we were ready to embark on our project! Next up was the kids, we explained the project to the 3 children and guess what…the kids voted with a resounding YES and they were ready to play ball!

To get the ball rolling, we sat the kids down, and we got them to draw out an invite for our neighbors. Art and Craft is always fun for the kids, and they had no problems using their crayons! 🙂


kids drawing

To make the idea even more palatable for our neighbors, POSB came in and told us that they will reimburse every neighbor who participated in our event, so as to help them with the cost of their raw materials. With the invites and the POSB incentive, we were ready to set off and conquer our new neighborhood! Wish me luck and stay tuned for our updates! 🙂

Disclaimer: We were invited to embark on this project with POSB, but all opinions are 100% our own. 

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