What is a Cell Group or Small Group

As new people come to church, many of them ask the inevitable question, “What is a Cell Group?” Is it important for me to join a home cell, cell group or a small group? Why do churches have a cell group system?

For Camp Phenomena, we decided to tackle this question and produce a video based on our experiences in a CG. Many thanks to Shing: for her sleepless nights working on this project.

We interviewed our youths and basically this is a 4-min presentation on what a CG means to us!

To us, a cell group is a family and it’s important for us to be in one. Christians belong in a community, and cell groups help to build this community. It’s about building lives and sharing lives together. The home cell group is our vehicle that helps build this church community, and it is essential pillar for strong church growth- Hope the video can further display this truth.

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