Teacher Curriculum – Top teacher shares his secrets!

Just saw a show by Matthew Perry called “The Triumph” on the Hallmark Channel. I know..I know…many of u are saying, isn’t that a really lousy channel!..like there is nothing ever great on that channel!…But tonight, things were different!

In this true story, Matthew Perry (aka Chandler Bing on the sitcom “Friends”) plays this really “Out of the box” teacher (Ron Clark), who has a really great passion to teach. He uses music to teach his 6th graders Algebra and Grammar. His passion for his job brings him to really get into the lives of the 12 year olds, and his impact on them is phenomenal. From under-achievers, they began to become over-achievers, and the kids start having a dream to do something with their lives!

I think it’s amazing how this teacher makes his curriculum so interesting and thought provoking. The children thorougly enjoy themselves as they learn something new, and I think that teacher is simply inspiring!

Kinda like being a CGL! A Cell Group Leader is given the same opportunities to make a difference in someone else’s lives. Wow! isn’t that an awesome privilege to make your live count like that!

I have a dream. I have a dream that I want to make the Bible come to life, like what Ron Clark did with Math! And inspire the next Pst. Kong to emerge among us!

Guys, if ordinary American kids can dream big dreams, let’s not be afraid to dream bigger dreams!

Check out the videos i posted, to see Ron Clark in action!

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